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the contusion of the hladus of those viscera would then be included within the Buy Generic Aciphex grasp of tl-.c Is There A Generic For Aciphex clamp. Through an incision parallel to the costal arch the application of the clamp mr\- readily be preceded by the liberation Aciphex Coupon Rebate of anv ]iortioii of an adherent viscus. ."^hotdd its deep position or Aciphex Rebate Coupon adhesion to the diaphragm or parictes render the exposure of Aciphex Discount Card the spleen Aciphex Tablets unusually diflicult. additional Aciphex Savings Card space ma\ be provided by the reaction of one or more of the overlying costal cartilages. After the removal of the What Is Aciphex 20 Mg spleen its pedicle, Aciphex 40 Mg if not too broad, may be transfixed and tied with catgut. In both cases hero rojiorted. the pedicle was so broad that it was feared an attempt at ligature might easily result in partial failure, and that a renewal of the h.Tmorrlrgc would seriously pro- loiig the operation and jeopardize the chances of ELIOT: SUBCUTANEOUS RUPTURE OF SPLEEN. recovery. In both cases, therefore, Order Aciphex Online two clamps were left in situ, and the wound closed with the ex- ception of a small opening in the lower part through which the handles of the clamps protruded. Prior to the Purchase Aciphex Online closure of the wound, the accumulated blood remaining in the peritoneal cavity was rapidly washed away by a warm saline solution, the slight- ly elevated Aciphex Generic Name portion When Will Aciphex Go Generic of the lower extremity permit- ting the rapid escape of the clotted material from Aciphex Generic Equivalent the wound. The clamps thus applied acted not only as hjemostats but Generic Name For Aciphex also as drains and were removed at the end of two and three days respectively. The leaving of these instruments in Aciphex Generic Available situ did not prove uncomfortable and their removal was painless. The leaving of the pedicle clamps in situ after splenectomy has been practiced with good results in Aciphex Buy several instances. So far as the writer can as- certain it was first done with success by Pauchet in 1902. It was also suggested in 1904 by Auvray as a substitute for the customary chain ligature, and in another case reported by Fontoynont in 1905 the splenic Buy Cheap Aciphex pedicle together with a portion of the Aciphex Pi

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