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Con. Mod. Mod. Mod. Con. Con. Con. Clin. Mod. Con. Mod. Mod. Mod. Mod. Mod. lessness. During; the day the patient was Buy Aralen quiet, com- plaining at times of pain in the wound from which there was no biliary discharge. The quantity of urine passed was twenty-four ounces. There wjis a trace of albumin, but Purchase Aralen Online no casts. Second day : Patient's condition was satisfactory throughout the day. She vomited once six ounces of greenish fluid, and was What Is Chloroquine at times restless and complained of pain. The Aralen Phosphate wound was dressed and the drain loos- ened a trifle. Toward evening she appeared drowsy and the pulse was a little Buy Chloroquine more rapid. The total amount of urine passed was thirty-nine ounces. Third day: The drowsy condition deepened rapidh into coma from which she could not be roused. The patient lay flat on her face, unconscious, and d'd not even groan. The eyelids were closed. The pupils were equal, markedly dilated, reacted to light. Respi- rations were labored and rapid, and had both an in- spiratory and expiratory effort. The prostration in- creased Buy Cheap Aralen and seemed very marked. The temperature rose steadily throughout the day and by evening had reached 103^ F. The pulse also was very rapid, vary- ing between 130 and 148, but Order Aralen was Buy Aralen Online of fair quality and of moderate e.xcursion. The general leucocytosis was 55,000, with a polymorphonuclear of 90 per cent. Ex- amination of the lungs showed a number of rales over the left base and a good many over the right base, Aralen Online without noticeable change in the respiratory murmur. Abdominal distention gradually appeared, and during the day a [irofuse biliary fistula discharging a large amount of yellow brown .material was formed. There was no rigidity of the abdominal muscles or Order Aralen Online any sign of fluid in the peritoneal cavity. The urine was 1.027; acid; trace of albumin: no sugar. Microscopically, there were urates and many hyaline casts. Urea amounted to 3.3 per cent. There was no diacetic acid. There was a very faint reaction for acetone. Through- out the day jialient received Aralen Cost active stimulation of strychnine, digitalis, and whiskey in clyses and saline enemata. For the distention, stupes and hypodermics of piiysostigminc salicylate Chloroquine Price were employed. .\t noon, Chloroquine Aralen hypodermic injections of adrenalin and thyreoid ex- tract were begun, the Aralen Tablets adrenalin in doses of two minim.s every hour Cost Of Chloroquine for four doses, and afterward included in a clysis containing three drachms Chloroquine Buy of whiskey and 1,000 c.c. of saline solution with I^ minims of adrenalin once in four hours. I-larlv in llie afternoon feeding of spleen tissue was also begun in the form of 5 grain suppositories every six hours and of enemata of spleen broth containing 5 ounces, twice a day. Fourth day: The condition of the patient grew stcail- ily worse and toward Chloroquine Tablets midnight was most alarming. .'\t that time, the pulse could scarcely be felt and was counted at 150, respiration was 36 and shallow, the temperature was 104" F. The patient's condition seemed most extreme, and she appeared moribund. In an effort Aralen Price to check what appeared to be a form of toxine absorption, lavage was given Purchase Aralen followed by catharsis

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