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proper interpretation of auscultatory pulmonary >igns is avapro recall at best difficult, and to teach students pul- avapro price monary auscultation liy means of avapro 75 mg tiic stethoscope alone is. I feel convinced, to render the subject un- necessarily difficult and, in the end, to send them out less well c(iuipped than if order avapro online they are taught to rel\- losartan vs avapro chiefly upon (lie luiaided ear. order avapro it is not the oljject of this paper either to condemn MUt of hand the use of the stethoscope or to discuss :it length buy cheap avapro its various merits and disadvantages. My pur])ose is only to call attention to tiic fact that the instrument has well defiiuvl limitations, to attempt to classify and explain these limitations, and to offer a plea for the restoration of the instrument to what, in my judgment, is its proper place, that of an ad- juvant to," rather than a substitute for, the naked ear. 53 E.\ST FoRTV-xiNTH Street. PNEUMOTHORAX.* By John Gillespie Be.\rdslev. M. D., avapro alternatives L. R. C. P. (Eng.), Philadelphia. In bringing to the attention of the reader this article on "pneumothorax it is not to be Regarded as an attempt to point out anything nev.' about the con- dition, but is rather presented avapro generic alternative with the desire that the cases reported may serve as a reminder that this pulmonary accident is more frequent than is usual- ly considered, and also avapro 10 mg to point out that the affec- tion is due in not a few cases to other causes than those usually ascribed, namely, rupture avapro coupons of a tuber- culous cavity or focus in the king. History.— TieioTe: presenting the ease avapro discount card histories it may add to the interest to review the historical facts regarding the condition. In the avapro cost earliest history of medicine we find an indefinite knowledge of the presence of air and fluid within the chest cavity, but the first authentic writing on, the subject is the description of the " succussion splash " by Hippoc- rates about 500 B. C. In this description he states that the " splash " is due to the presence of fluid within the chest, but evidently he did not recognize the presence of avapro generic name air at this time. The presence of air in the cavity is avapro avalide so frequently associated with the presence of fluid, either serum, seropus, or pus, that these conditions are more read- ilv described in combination than separately. Itard in 1803 gave the name pneumothorax to the pres- ence of a^r within the pleural cavity, which he found in five cases at autopsy, his conclusions being that the air was due to its exhalation from the fluid which the cavity contained. Itard is also responsi- ble for the nariies of the closely allied conditions, hvdropneumothorax and pyopneumothorax, the names being self explanatory. It was left for Laen- nec to recognize the condition of pneumothorax during life and to publish his observations, which he did in his work upon "mediate auscultation in 1819. Not only did he recognize the condition, but he explained tlie mechanism of the physical signs avapro tablet observed bv him.sclf and others, pointed out the presence of air and fluid, and explained how the air entered the pleur:\l cavity. So thorough was Laen- nec's work that little or nothing has been added to his original description of the condition in the eighty odd vears since its' publication : nor has the classification of pneumothorax formed by Itard in 1803 been radically changed since that day. CoKSCs of the Condition. — Those writers who have avapro vs diovan been particularly interested in the statistical study of imeumothorax have based their results upoii verv large numbers of cases, and as these rep- resent the condition under varying states of climate, altitude, and general hygienic surroundings : and particularly as the projiortions represent the acci- dent in different races as well as in avapro coupon different coun- tries, we are safe in taking their conclusions, namely, that c)0 per cent, of the cases are due to pulmonary • Hond bpforo tlio Plillnilrlphin Cnnnt.v Soclet.v, .liinr, 1!)0T. 6o BEARDSLE Y : PNE UMO THORAX. [Nnw yoBK Medical .Ioubnai,. tuberculosis, while of the remaining lo per cent, the greater nimiher is almost equally divided be- avapro classification

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