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right lung there were slight impairment of resonance and a few moist rales, due probably to congestion of the part: Forty-eight hours after the development of the pneu- mothorax there was evidence of a slight accumulation of the fluid in the left pleural cavity, but at that time there was no succussion splash, though in the course of the next twelve hours sufficient fluid had gathered to produce this sign. Three days after the onset of condition about a litre of fluid was withdrawn, but no effort was made to remove the air. From this time the condition of the patient seemed to improve, the tendency toward dyspnoea became less bactrim 400 mg and, judging from the pitch of the percussion note, the intrapleural pressure was low- ered. Three days after bactrim and uti the withdrawal of the fluid it re- accumulated in the bactrim bactrim pleura, but as the amount was small it was allowed to remain. The patient remained com- fortable but was sulfa bactrim dyspnoeic on exertion. At this time feeble breath sounds could be heard in the affected lung, and about this time the patient began to cough freely and to expectorate antibiotics bactrim large quantities of yellow sputum which showed the presence of tubercle bacilli in quantities. The patient died about five weeks after the devel- opment of the pneumothorax. No autopsy was al- lowed. Case II. bactrim cost — The patient was a luan of about forty years and gave a history of previously having been n perfect health. This patient purchase bactrim was bactrim prices seen on the street in a condition of alcoholic frenzy, shouting and screaiu- ing, when he suddenly fell to the ground in ap- parent agony. On being taken to the hospital, he was very short of breath and complained, despite his drunken condition, of the intense pain in his right side. It was believed at this time that the patient had frac- tured a rib. but upon examination there was so much dift'erence in the sides that suspicion was aroused and the diagnosis of pnemnothorax was made and con- firmed by the coin test. No lesion of bactrim and bactrim price the opposite lung was fotmd. and the air was gradually absorbed. The affected lung gradually regained its fimct'im and the July 13, 1907.] BEARDSLEY : PXE UMOTHORAX. 6r I patient left the hospital at the end of five weeks ap- parently well. Case III. — This patient was a sailor aged about thirty years, chosen because of his supposed perfect physical condition, as one of a crew to represent his ship in bactrim for mrsa a boat race. At the end mrsa bactrim of a two mile race and as his boat crossed the bactrim tablets finish line this man was seen to collapse and when examined bactrim 800mg was found to have a bactrim generic left sided pneumothorax. An effusion developed a week later which was tapped and the patient recovered entirely at the end of six weeks. He is still in the navy and has shown no sign of tuberculous disease. Case I\'. — This patient was a man of fifty years. He was sent to the hospital to be treated for a chronic interstitial nephritis. He was found to have fluid in both pleural cavities, and an aspiration was decided upon. The needle was inserted and the fluid being withdrawn when a sudden movement of the patient disconnected the rubber tubing from the needle and at the same time the patient cost of bactrim inspired a large quantitv of air. The air was sucked through generic for bactrim the needle into the pleural cavity, and the patient became unconscious and died almost immediately. At autopsy both air and blood stained fluid were found. The lung was collapsed. The kidneys showed marked interstitial change and the heart advanced myocarditis. Case V. — This patient was a woman, aged twenty- five years, suffering from a pleurisy with effusion. An aspiration being performed, through neglect the stop cock of the apparatus was turned so that on the in- sertion of the needle, the air entered the pleural cavity already under bactrim 800 mg pressure because of the flu'd. The nee- antibiotic bactrim dle was at once withdrawn and the accident proved not serious. The patient collapsed but revived, and the fluid and air were both partly withdrawn the day of the accident. The patient suffered discomfort for several days, but became easier as the air was absorbed, and at the end of three weeks the lung was performing its function adequately. The last four cases of this series serve to illus-

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