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The patient reacted well after the operation and passed a fairly comfortable night. There was very profuse oozing of blood and cerebrospinal fluid, necessitating frequent reinforcement of Cardura E10p Msds dressing. The patient was much nauseated, vom- iting curds of milk Cardura For Bph and bile stained fluid. She complained of pain in her temples. A hurried examination showed Cardura Generic Name that sensation was present on both sides Cardura 10 Mg of the face and no inequality of pupil was noted. On October 15th the wound was dressed; it was found in good condition ; the drainage was removed ; there was a free flow of cerebrospinal fluid. An examination by Dr. Mills and Dr. Spiller on this date (October Cardura E10 15th) resulted as fol- lows : No cutaneous anaesthesia was present on either side ; not even any hypjesthesia on the left. There was great impairment of the motor divi- sion of the fifth nerve, the masseter and pterygoid muscles being tested. Complete paralysis in the muscles supplied Purchase Cardura by both the upper and lower branches of the seventh nerve was present. She was completely deaf in the left ear. Slight pa- ralysis in the right upper extremity was noticed. Astereognosis or pseudoastereognosis was pres- ent in the right hand. Anaesthesia for both touch and pain and hyperassthesia were absent. She had had no pain in the face or head since the operation, and had required no Cardura 6 Mg anodynes. On October 19th the wound was again dressed and "the stitches were removed; the wound was all healed, with the exception of one angle; a small piece of gauze was inserted for drainage. The patient's general condition had been very good. Her pupils were now normal. On October 24th Cardura N10 the surgical condition was entirely satisfactory ; the wound was all healed, with the exception of one spot, which was rapidly granulating. The patient's general condition had rapidly improved since last noted. She was re- gaining strength, had been sitting up and was quite comfortable. On October 29th the patient was discharged, the surgical condition left nothing to be desired; the wound was completely healed ; there was no bulging of the flap, no signs of inflammation or oedema of the scalp. The patient had not had any pain in the head or ears ; the only discomfort had been some Cardura Online irritation of the conjunctiva of the left eye, which was probably due to facial palsy. This patient has continued under the observa- tion of Dr. Mills and Dr. Frazier from the time of operation until that of writing (December, 1904). From the time Cardura E10p of operation until the present she has not had any pain in the head, al- though as previously stated, the pain for some time before the operation was of the most intense character. In other respects, her genera! con- dition has been good. She still, however, con- tinues to be partially paralyzed with astereogno- Cardura Vs Flomax sis and sensory changes on the right side, and still has paralysis Buy Cardura Online in the distribution of the left seventh nerve. It is altogether probable that a lesion of some Flomax Vs Cardura sort is still present ; not improb- ably she has more than one lesion, as the. symp- toms point both to the Cardura Bph pons and to the left parietal lobe. The case is especially interesting as show- ing how in some cases the cerebellopontile angle can be exposed and how Order Cardura pain and other symp- toms of brain tumor are sometimes relieved even when full success is not obtained. REMARKS UPON THE SURGICAL ASPECTS OF TUMORS OF THE CEREBELLUM. By CHARLES Cardura Classification H. FRAZIER, M. D., PHILADELPHIA, PROFESSOR OF CLINICAL SURGERY, UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYL- VANIA; SURGEON TO THE UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL. {Concluded from page 280.) RESULTS. To speak first of the results of the cases which have come under the author's observation : During the past twelve months, six patients have been sub- jected to operation at the University Hospital: five of them were patients of Dr. Mills, and one was a patient of Dr. McCarthy. The records of these cases appear below, but Cardura Tablets the results may be expressed Cheap Cardura Cardura 1 Mg briefly in the following table : TABLE I — CASES UNDER

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