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ful fermentation during digestion, and thus of often producing gastric disturbances. Thus, for Cefaclor Price instance, Garenzieres in Anglice Hagelhun, 1647, P^ge 92, says : " Sugar is not a food but a poison, and one could not do better than to send it back to India, through which alone the pulmonary consumption Cefaclor Cost which has been induced by its immoderate use could be suppressed." In 1700 the sale of sugar was restricted to apothecaries, and hence it was treated like a drug. Unlike sugar, saccharin, of course, has no nutri- tive value, and it is a great mistake to compare it with sugar in this respect. While it has been stated that saccharin prevents fermentation and therefore might be utilized as an internal antiseptic, the quan- tities required for this action are so large that food or beverages sweetened with it would prove repug- Purchase Cefaclor Cefaclor Tablets nant on account of the accompanying excessive sweetness. Hence saccharin must be regarded only as a condiment or flavoring agent, but not as a food. It is likewise not a drug or a medicinal remedy, as, of course, it has never cured a case of diabetes, or of Order Cefaclor Online any of the other diseases in which it is so ex- tensively employed, but has only satisfied the crav- ing for sweets. To me the subject has some anal- ogy to the never ceasing battle aljnut alcohol, whether it is a medicine, food, or jioison. It seemed at one time that the prohil)itionists might carry the day, but a more reasonable sentiment is gaining ground, as witness a pronunciamento in the Lancet of March 30, 1907. Cefaclor Monohydrate representing the consensus of July i:i. 10U7.] RIPPERGER: SWEETS FOR DIABETICS. 67 views of high British authorities, in which it is con- sidered a rapid and trustworthy restorative in dis- ease and a beneficial article of diet when Order Cefaclor moderateh- used. Desiring to acquaint myself with the general at- titude of American practitioners in regard to the use of saccharin as a substitute for sugar in diabetes, I have undertaken a statistical investigation with ref- erence to this point by mailing to physicians in leading cities of the East (Xew York. Buy Cefaclor Online Boston, Bal- timore, and Philadelphia) a circular letter contain- ing the following questions : 1. How long have you used saccharin in your practice ? 2. Have you observed any deleterious action from the use of saccharin upon the digestive func- Cefaclor Cd tions ? 3. Have Purchase Cefaclor Online you noticed any other injurious byef- fects ? 4. Do you consider saccharin a harmful addition to foods and beverages? The replies so overwhelmingly show that sac- charin is not injurious to health and can be safely employed for sweetening foods and Cefaclor Mg drinks in the small quantities required for this Cefaclor Generic purpose, that it is useless to give any detailed statistics here. As to the digestive disturbances observed by a few of my correspondents, it is very difficult to de- termine whether these were due to saccharin, owing to the very small number of cases in which thev oc- curred. To my mind it seems rather that the ex- cessive sweetness provoked repugnance and nausea, and that this could have been avoided by adding just enough to reproduce the sugary taste — at least, this has been my own experience. I have found that Cefaclor Antibiotic it is very necessary before prescribing saccharin to inform myself thoroughly as to the amount of sweets that the patient has been in the habit Cefaclor 500mg of tak- ing, and if he has been immoderately addicted to them, to restrict its use as far as possible, for in my Cefaclor Ceclor opinion extreme gratification of any taste will sooner or later lead to aversion with consequent digestive disturl)ances. I am very glad to note that so eminent an authority as Dr. James Tyson, of I'liiiadelphia, agrees with me on this Cefaclor Generation point. In his reply to my letter he remarks Buy Cheap Cefaclor : " The nauseating effect complained of by some is, I think, often caused by using too much saccharin. It happens to tliose who want foods very sweet. To those satis- fied by a moderate sweetening effect and who use a small Cefaclor 250mg quantity it Cefaclor Antibiotics tlocs not occur." As to the other byefFects observed by a few of my correspondents, tliey are of such varied cliaracter, ranging all the way from salivation to tinnitus auri- um and from an.-emia to anal tenesmus, that they must have been accidental plicnomena, in no wise

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