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connected with the administration of saccharin, and not even previously noted l)y its strongest oppo- nents. It shows, however^ the strong tendency we all have to reason post hoc. ergo propter hoc. Among the thousands of replies I would mention tile following distinguished practitioners, whose statements as to the harmlessness of saccharin when added to foods and drinks are celebrex buy to be considered as autlioritative. Dr. H. P. Looinis writes: "I have used saccharin for over twenlv vears, and have never seen any deleterious efifects from its use. I do not consider it a harmful addition to food or beverages." Dr. Samuel W. Lambert states : "■ I never use large amounts of saccharin, rarely over 3 grains a day, but celebrex mg compel my patient to omit sweetening altogether when possible." Dr. Louis Fischer remarks : " The use of saccharin in psedia- tric practice has its limitations, but I do not recall any disturbance of metabolism due to the adminis- tration of the same." Two other paediatricians. Dr. Walter Lester Carr and John Lovett !Morse, have found saccharin harmless in the various indications in which it is employed in children. Dr. J. E. Jan- vrin writes 200 celebrex : " In one case I prescribed 3 grain doses three times daily for several months without any injurious etifects." Dr. L. Duncan Bulkley states that he does not consider saccharin a harmful addition to foods and beverages in moderation, and mentions that he has taken it himself for many months at a time. Dr. Andrew H. Smith has also had personal celebrex price experience with saccharin extending over three years without noticing any impleasant effects, and has employed it in his practice for the past ten years. The following have been able to study the effects of saccharin for long periods : Dr. J. ^I. Anders, over twenty years: Dr. celebrex coupons George H. ^^'ashburn, twenty years ; Dr. Charles E. Xammack, seventeen years; celebrex purchase and Dr. H. F. \'ickerv. Dr. E. L. Partridge. Dr. John \\'. Brannan. Dr. Morris IManges, and Dr. Max Einhorn. fifteen years, with- out observing any injurious eft'ects. Hence it will be conceded that their statements as to the harmless- ness of saccharin are based upon long experience. Others who have expressed what is celebrex themselves favorably are Dr. A. G. Gerster. Dr. George R. Lockwood, Dr. A. D. Rockwell, Dr. L. coupon for celebrex Bolton Bangs, and Dr. Abram Brothers. celebrex 100 A very interesting series of replies is from physi- cians who have had a special opportunity to ac- quaint themselves with the action of saccharin bv taking it themselves for a considerable period or cost celebrex using it in members of their own families, thus per- mitting of accurate and constant observation. \Vith the exception of one correspondent, who was doubt- ful, and three w-ho failed to express an celebrex coupon opinion, the twenty-two others stated that saccharin is a harm- less addition to foods and beverages. As stated before, I would not have devoted so much space here to the subject of saccharin were 200 mg celebrex it not at the present time the only substance upon which we can rely as a sweetener in our diabetic cases. In view of its extensive use I have set my- self the task of determining whether it has any ob- j.ectionable features and whether the mere gratifica- tion of the patient's taste is not obtained celebrex 100mg at the ex- pense of more or less injury to the organism, since being simply a condiment it cannot be considered indispensable in the treatment. From my own ex- perience and that of the vast majority of hiy cor- respondents, to whom I herewith extend my thanks for the information furnished. celecoxib celebrex I believe myself just- ified in asserting that saccharin is an innocuous sub- stance, which can be employed with perfect safety in diabetes and which will promote the patient's comfort without exerting any celebrex celebrex detrimental eft"ect upon the disease. K,o West One 200mg celebrex Hlnhred .\nd Thirtieth Street. 68 SAIVYER: INCOMPLETE EXOPHTHALMIC GOITRE. INCOMPLETE FORMS OF EXOPHTHALMIC GOITRE IN RELATION TO GASTRO- INTESTINAL DISEASE.* By John P. Sawyer, M. D., Cleveland, Ohio. Exophthalmic goitre is a term exceedingly apt coupons for celebrex as descriptive of two striking visible effects of a dis- order in its complete evolution ; but this aptness has led to a fixation of professional thought upon the conditions thus emphasized cost of celebrex and to an overlook- ing of the pathological process of whose work ex- ophthalmus and goitre are but two effects, and rel- atively unimportant ones. • It should not sound paradoxical to assert that celebrex online

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