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tense than that of many lower creatures. Aside from diseased conditions, this perceptive power var- ies in different persons in a manner analogous to the perception of colors and sounds. With advancing age the acuteness of the olfactory power is usually dulled. Pleasant and offensive, as applied to odors, is a relative term ; what is agreeable to one individ- ual may be disgusting to another. A subjective sense of odor is frequently encountered in nervous persons, and may result from cerebral lesions. Fa- tigue from overstimulation by one odor causes tem- porary loss of buy combivent inhaler perception for this odor. Anosmia, unilateral or bilateral, when combivent cost not the result buy combivent of nasal obstruction, depends on a lesion in the nerve end- ings (atrophic rhinitis, ulcers, syphilis), olfactory nerve, or tract, or of the cortex (tumors) in the re- gion of the uncinate gyrus. Hyperosmia occurs in very nervous persons, particularly those with a hys- terical taint. Parosmia (foul odors chiefly), either constant or periodic, is noted in the insane and is combivent inhalers sometimes one of the earliest hallucinations. The mechanism of olfactory stimulation has been explained in divers ways. It has generally been held to be due to fine solid particles or gaseous exhala- combivent udv tions dissolved in the mucus in the upper chamber of the nose ; hence we sniff to perceive a scent more acutely. When the Schneiderian mucous mem- brane is dry, the sense of smell is lessened or lost, yet odoriferous substances in the liquid form are combivent price in- capable of giving rise to odorous sensations (Kirkes). Aitken believes that the sense of smell is excited by gases given out from substances, combivent nebulizer and not by solid particles. Sewage does not communi- cate motes to the atmosphere. The flavor of foods depends largely upon their odor, and when the nose is much obstructed apples and onions dift'er but lit- tle as to taste. Acrid substances, like ammonia, mustard and horseradish, act on the common sensi- bility of the nose and eyes. For the consideration of odors in their chemical relations the classification of Zwaardemaker is con- venient to follow. Ethereal odors (Rimmel's fruity series) belong mostly to esters. combivent dosage The bouquet of alcoholic licjuors is due to these compound ethers, chiefly renaiUhic ether in wines. Artificial fruit flavors are jirincipal- July 13. mOT.] HILL: DL4GS0SIS BY combivent dose THE XOSE. 73 iy the acetate, butyrate, and salicylate of methyl, ethyl and amyl in glycerin and water. Chloroform, iodoform, and bromoform have a sweet, ethereal scent. Amyl nitrite has the strong, peculiar odor of amyl compounds in general. It is amyl alcohol (fusel' oil) which gives the odor in the breath after drinking. jNIethyl salicylate is the principal constit- uent of oil of wintergreen. The smell of combivent coupons senega is due to methyl valerianate and salicylate. Ethyl ether has a characteristic pungent odor. Aromatic odors pertain to terpenes. camphors, and the spicy, herbaceous, rosaceous and almond series, having as chemical combivent mdi types cineol, eugenol, anethol, geraniol and benzaldehyde. combivent neb Piperonal (he- liotropin) is obtained from oil of camphor and oil of sassafras. Coumarin-( tonka, sweet clover, new combivent inhaler coupons mown hay, fenugreek) has been prepared by heat- ing sodiosalicylic aldehyde with acetic anhydride. Stearoptens combivent inhaler coupon (camphor, cheap combivent menthol, thymol, eucalyp- tol), which are oxidation products of essential oils, are generally fragrant. The peach blossom or bit- ter almond odor of hydrocyanic acid is evolved from potassium cvanide on moistening the buy combivent online latter. Phen- ols (phenol, salol, creasote, guaiacol, naphthols) have a distinctive aromatic redolence. Acetone is minty ; acetals, aromatic. Many perfumes are really a combination of several odors, as in oil of rose (two alcohols), or lavender, ylang-ylang, combivent coupon etc. Balsamic odors include for the most part alde- hydes and Rimmel's jasmine, violet and balsamic series, with the chemical types terpineol, ionone and vanillin. Irone and ionone (violets) are isolated from a ketone in orris root and resemble oil of tur- pentine (CioOHjg) in composition. \'anillin is made synthetically from eugenol. Many volatile oils be- come terebinthinate on standing. Balsam of Peru owes its fragrance to benzylic cinnamate and ben- zoate. Balsam of tolu contains also some vanillin and a little volatile oil. Chloral has a faint but sharp odor. Ambrosia! odors include ambergris and musk. The latter combivent inhaler is now made artificially from butyl tol- uene. Sexual odors are generally musky. The pol- len of grass combivent inhaler price has a scent similar to that of semen.

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