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Propylamine is present in mayflower and many other rosaceie. P'alcriaiuiccous odors (Linnasus's odores hircini. the Cozaar 100mg capryl group) are largely composed of sexual odors of fatty acid combinations. Cozaar 25 Mg Alliaceous odors (onions, garlic, mustard, horse- radish, asafoetida, ichthyol). with the cacodyl group, depend on tlie presence of sulphur, arsenic, anti- mony, phosphorus, selenium, or tellurium com- pounds. Cacodyl and carhylamines are extremely oflcnsive. Isosulphocyanatcs Order Cozaar give the pungency to mustard and horseradish. Carbon disulphide is the most fretid of suli)lnir compounds. Empyrciimatic odors (nidors) are developed on burning animal (usually offensive) or vegetable (usually pleasant) substances. Narcotic odurs (Limi.'cus's odores tctri) are heavy and depressing. They are noted in opium (narcot- inc), belladonna, lobelia, hemlock (cuniine), tobac- co (nicotine), aniline, benzol, Cozaar Online and Cozaar Mg the more volatile products of petroleum. Bacteria produce ammonia, hydrogen sulphide and other pungent anil offensive (])Utrefactivc) odors, usually in combination. The tetanus bacilli give rise to' a disagreeable empyreumatic smell. The odor of sour milk is Cozaar 50mg not due to lactic acid, which is odorless, but to Cozaar Cost fungous fermentation. The smell of freshly upturned Discount Cozaar earth is likewise at- tributed to a fungus. Yeast has a distinctive odor, present in malt Cozaar 100 Mg liquors. Ptomaines may be odorless, sweet, aromatic or cadaveric. Decaying foo'ds may be very toxic and not perceptibly tainted, or very putrid and quite innocuous. The metliyl mona- mines in decomposing fish have a most repulsive odor. The sewer gas stench of hydrogen sulphide can be recognized when constituting one part in 10,000 of air. When the carbon dioxide of respira- torv origin exceeds six parts in 10,000 of air. or- ganic vitiation is perceptible by the sense of smell. The ■' close " fcetor is due to epitlielia, fatty debris, and volatile fatty acids, and is readily taken up by liquids in the room. Foul odors (brought out on warming) in drinking water usually accompany Buy Cheap Cozaar sewer gas, algae, and putrefying organic matter. The fcetor of sulphuretted hydrogen is sometimes occasioned by reduction of sulphates through the agency of Bacillus sulpliydrogcnus or by penetra- tion of tree roots. A pungent or even suffocating Buy Cozaar scent is noted with ozone (i part in 100,000 perceptible), ammonia, formaldehyde, sulphur dioxide, nitric acid, and the halogens and hydroacids. Among organic acids formic, acetic, propionic, butyric, valeric, capric, caproic. caprylic, and myristic have a sharp odor, and some of them are characteristically human. Indeed the latest view (Lusk) is that pro'teid mole- cules appear to consist of groups of banded amino- fatty acids. Inorganic salts have no odor except on Cheap Cozaar breaking up with heat or acids, but merely moist- ening some organic acid salts (benzoic, valeric) brings out the characteristic scent. Salicylic acid is sternutatory in action. The natural acid is aro- Online Cozaar matic ; the synthetic, odorless. Odors are' often due to impurities, as in acetylene (like geranium when pure, garlicky if Losartan Cozaar impure), wood alcohol (tarry matters), sulphur (sulphur di- oxide), fats and fixed oils (should be odorless, ex- cept lanolin and cacao butter), carbohydrates, glu- cosides, amaroids, coloring principles, and proteins. Illuminating gas owes its scent mainly to ethylene (sweet) and the sulphur compounds. All odors are reflexlv and psychotherapeutically stimulant. The Skin. Frcshlv excreted perspiration is normally slightly alkaline, but soon becomes acid, owing to the pres- ence of fatty acids (formic, acetic, caproic. propi- onic). Ancient authors mention the goaty smell from the axillae after sexual connection. The sour smell of sweat is most marked in diseases with free sweating, as acute articular rheumatism and Buy Cozaar Online rickets. Isovaleric acid gives the offensive odor to sweating feet. The skin Cozaar Price Cost Of Cozaar may yield an ammoniacal ellluvium in ur.Tmia. Distinctive scents have been ascribed to infectious fevers, e, g., the " plucked goose " odor of nv.asles: Price Of Cozaar a "musty, Purchase Cozaar semicadavorous " smell in some cases of typhoid (Nathan Smith) : and the peculiar firtid stench (sometimes perceptible at sev- eral vards' distance) from ruptured pustules in the later stage of smallpox. Many putrid intoxications with deep seated foul .sores give rise to a similar 74 HILL: DIAGNOSIS BY THE NOSE.

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