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ric, valeric acids), and sometimes foetid. Acetone, alcohol, generic cymbalta available us and aldehyde may be present in fermentive conditions. A putrid odor is to be remarked in pyloric stenosis generic cymbalta from india from generic cymbalta 2013 any cause, with or without ulceration. The cadaveric stench of the siphoned gastric contents is of great diagnostic value in gas- tric cancer, and may be perceived, according to Len- hartz, in the absence of vomiting and a palpable tumor cymbalta online pharmacy : the vomit has an offensive acid smell. The odor of vomit is also quite repulsive from abscess or neoplasm of the upper digestive or respiratory tract. Fccces. The odor of the stools of breast fed cymbalta discount program infants is normally faintly sour and aromatic, from fatty acids, being slightly foul in constipation, particularly if inanition obtains. The proteid scent is more marked in cows' milk stools. The evacuations are sour smelling in the green, acid cymbalta 60 mg discount card diarrhcea of infants, from fermentation of carbohydrates. The discount cymbalta coupons putrid odor of albuminous decomposition pervades the air of the room in the more severe leaden gray pultaceous form of diarrhoea. In fatty indigestion the stools have the smell of sour cream or rancid butter. They are like old cheese in putrefaction with failure of fat digestion, as in the coeliac affection of young chil- dren. In profuse mucous discharges, often accom- panied by pus, there is generic cymbalta online a peculiar odor like wet hay (Selter). In cholera infantum discount generic cymbalta the stools have been described as musty and mousy. The feculent oclor of the fjeces of adults depends chiefly on indol and skatol ; to a less degree, cymbalta discount prices hydro- gen sulphide, phosphine, and acetic acid. Butyric and valeric acids are abundantly present in hypo- July 13, 10(17.] HILL: DL4GX0SIS BY THE XOSE. chlorhydria and gastric dilation. The odor is liable to become stronger whenever the fffices have been retained longer than normally. Many foods (eggs, raisins I and drugs (sulphur, asafoetida) impart dis- tinctive stenches to the stool. A meat diet enhances fcetor. After eating fish the faeces may be extreme- Iv foul, from naphthylamine. In this connection I recall the case of a young man of sedentary habits, who ate six eggs each day and felt compelled to wear a diaper dipped in a deodorant to quench the stench of the hydrogen sulphide discharged cymbalta discount card from the anus. Acholic (fatty) stools are generally foetid, and in- dicate hepatic, pancreatic, duodenal, or mesenteric disease. The small intestine itself is ordinarily de- void of putrefactive odor (Long). Putrid stools are caused by the alkaline decomposition of albumi- nous matter, and are favored by vitiation of the se- cretions, as in low fevers. Anyone who has ever experienced the horribly fcetid stench of tarry blood in the stools can scarcely fail to detect another speci- men of this kind. When pus is combined with blood the fcetor is more rancid, particularly if there is deep ulceration. Stinking gas accompanies the frequent stools of catarrhal dysentery. Boston has noted a sweetish scent of the stools in generic cymbalta a case of amoebic generic cymbalta 60 mg dys- sentery, and he states that the odor is extremely foul in acute or protracted alcoholism. Fcetor is quite marked in tuberculous ulceration of the bowel. Shreds of mucous membrane from gangrene (sloughing following obstruction), dysentery, can- cer, or syphilis of the bowel, are putrid, cadaverous, and extremely offensive. The discount cymbalta spermy odor of the stools in Asiatic cholera (and sometimes dysentery) is attributefl to cadaverinc. The stools may be am- moniacal when there is a vesical fistula opening into the bowel. Ptomaine poisoning often gives rise to very foul and watery alvine evacuations. On in- cubating the buy online cymbalta fjeces and collecting the gas in ferment apparatus, if the gas evolved smells strongly acid (butyric), there has been carbohydrate indigestion; if putrid, excess of generic cymbalta from canada proteins in the food. Urine. The normal odor of fresh urine is slightly aromatic and is due to minute quantities of phenol, volatile ethers, and taurylic, damolic and damoluric acids. It has been compared to new hay (Boston) and to bouillon or oysters (Simon). online cymbalta petition The more concen- trated the urine, the stronger it smells. On stand- ing for some days in a warm place the contained urea hydrolyzes into ammonium carbonate, and the urine becomes aminoniacal and putrescent (ammo- nium sulphid). Such a scent in the newly passed urine usually indicates discount prescription card cymbalta decomposition within the i)laddcr, as in chronic cystitis or paralytic reten- lion. but the urine segregated from a " surgical kid- ney " may be ammoniacal. Many drugs (i^hcnol. copaiba, discount cymbalta 60 mg santal, cubebs, eucalyptus, tellurium salts, ammonia, cacodyl, asa-

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