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yi. Give five drops in a little water. In filace of Diamox 500 this Diamox Generic one third of a grain of cocaine may be triturated with four grains of white sugar and taken occasionally; or the same quantity given dissolved in lime water, a tablespoonful, to be given every two hours. Chloroform or bromoform are Buy Cheap Diamox also much used for this purpose. He rejects the hypo- dermic administration of morphine, because of the danger of forming the Purchase Diamox Online habit. The nourishment should consist Diamox 125 Mg only of milk, given at long intervals; it may be combined with Mchy water. To relieve vomiting, small pieces of ice may be swallowed, and an ice bag applied to the epigastric region. Feed- Order Diamox Online ing may be confined to liquids, and these given through a sound ; but this should not be introduced further than the cardiac orifice for fear of Tablet Diamox provoking haematemesis. If the stomach becomes intolerant and rejects everything, the patient should be nour- ished Iv Diamox entirely by the rectum. If vomiting still Acetazolamide Diamox per- sists, surgical intervention should be practiced. The stomach may be immobilized by opium, which may be combined with tannin and antipyrine : K Pulv. acidi tannici 0.60 gramme ; Piilv. opii 0.20 gramme ; Sacchari 6.0 grammes. S. To Diamox Acetazolamide be divided in ten papers. Give one every two hours. IJ Antipyrin.-E i.o gramme ; Sodii bicarbonatis, 0.50 gramme. yi. S. For one dose. Take one to three such powders in the course of a few hours. Injections of ergotine and adrenalin are of great value. Diamox Sequels 500 Mg The former may be combined with glycerin and water (lo per cent, Purchase Diamox strength) and given in doses of from one to ten cubic centimetres in twenty- four hours. The Buy Diamox adrenalin solution ( i Diamox Buy to 1,000) may be injected in doses of yi to i c.c. (TTg. viii-xv). In a Diamox 500mg case with repeated hemorrhages, Lemoine suc- ceeded by giving Carnot's formula : ^ Gelatine 2.0 grammes ; Salicylic acid, 0.25 gramme; Distilled water loo.o grammes. This acts upon the surface of the gastric ulcer in the same manner as it does upon the wounds on the surface of tiie skin, or mucosa, by producing the coagulation of the blood and the closure of the open vessels. In grave cases of ha;morrhage, it should be given in tablespoonful doses every hour; and in other cases, it is only necessary to give two or-three tablespoonfuls during the day, as long as there is any threat of ha.Miiorrhagc. The after treatment is very important. Xot until four days have elapsed since the last bleeding should the patient be allowed lo take milk, commoncing with a pint the first day and gradually increasing it. Counlerirritation by a Bur- gundy pitcli plaster placed Diamox Mg over the epigastrium is sometimes very effective. A cold wet compress ap- plied to the epigastrium Order Diamox and changed each iioiir is probably tiic best means of obtaining external revul- sion, it acts rapidly, and the Generic Diamox patient is not disconi- nidded. 78 EDITORIAL ARTICLES. MEW YORK MEDICAL JOURNAL INCOIiPORATING TIIK Philadelphia Medical Journal and The Medical News. A Weekly Revinv of Medicine. Edited by FRANK P. FOSTER, M. D., and SMITH ELY JELLIFFE, M. D. Address all business communications to A. Diamox Tablets R. ELLIOTT PUBLISHING COMPANY, Publishers, 66 JVcst Broadway, Neiv York.

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