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given in the loins. There was no suppuration and only rarely slight local Dilantin 200 Mg irritation. Dilantin 230 Mg In the first series twenty-two. patients were treated, with marked im- provement in fifteen. In the second series twenty- three patients were treatetl, with marked improve- ment Dilantin 350 Mg in sixteen. As a result of the studies carried out during this therapeutical experiment the author records some interesting collateral facts. After the first injection of the vaccine there was Dilantin Ex a slight negative phase last- ing for twenty-four hours, followed by a positive phase lasting for a week or more, as a rule. The phases following subsequent injections were not so distinctly separated from each other or so marked in quantity. There was no regular relationship be- tween the agglutination and the opsonic curves, al- though tiie negative phase in Malta fever is often absent or very short. The author calls attention to the fact that in deal- ing with a systemic infectious disease, such as Malta fever, the addition of further quantities of artificially produced toxine to a patient in the acute phases of the disease would act detrimentally. On the other hand, in the more chronic conditions, in which there are but slight relapses, or a mild sec-saw tempera- ture without marked hectic symptoms, a slight addi- tion of toxine would add the requisite quantitv of stimulation which would place the patient in a more favorable condition for combating the infective or- ganisms present. Bassett-Smith restricts the treat- ment with vaccine to sucii cases. Early in the course of the exiierimcnt it was thought that the vaccine injections iirovcntcd relapses: further experience, 8o EDITORIAL ARTICLES. however, proved that Dilantin 130 Mg this desirable result was not uniformly obtained. After the injections the pa- tients experience relief from pain, they gain in weight, and, as a rule, there is an increase in the Dilantin 400 Mg general feeling of well being. PANCREATIC ENZYMES IN THE TRE.A.TMENT OF CARCINOMA. From time to time the medical press has an- nounced that the treatment of carcinoma by means of preparations of the pancreatic glands has been attended with more than the usual success, and al- most simultaneously contrary reports have appeared from equally authoritative sources. All the evidence that may be adduced is therefore to be Dilantin 50 Mg carefully weighed, and in view of the vital interests that are at stake, we are tempted to present an outline of the results of a recent research by Dr. Walter Ball and E. Fairfield Thomas, which appears in the Sixth Report of the Cancer Research Laboratory of the Middlesex Hospital, England, just published, Dilantin 250 Mg June, 1907. • These investigators have given the treatment of cancer by trypsin a thorough trial Cheap Dilantin in the wards of the Middlesex Hospital on two separate occasions, following out the instructions by Dr. Baird, of Edin- burgh University, who, it will be recalled, first stim- ulated research Dilantin Xr along Dilantin Pharmacology these lines. The treatment consisted in daily injections of trypsin; oral admin- ■ istration of cachets of holadin (an extract from the pancreas alleged to contain amylolytic and lipolytic enzymes) ; Dilantin 1 G local applications of pancreatic lotions Dilantin 150 Mg to the cancerous surface ; and the administration of a combination of Dilantin 500 Mg pancreas and ox gall. The car- cinomatous tissues in Too Much Dilantin all of these patients were sub- jected to careful microscopical examinations before and after treatment. In the present series reported on eleven patients were injected to the trypsin injection Dilantin 30 Mg treatment. Two of these were eliminated from consideration by the authors by reason of certain special factors sur- rounding the cases. Of the remaining nine cases, it was demonstrated that there seemed to be some diminution of pain in one, disappearance of steno- sis of the rectum in a second, a stationary condition in Dilantin 330 Mg a third. There was a calcification of cell nests in the fourth case, and in the fifth case there was a cer- tain amount of vacuolation of the cells which pointed Dilantin 600 Mg toward disintegration. In none of these cases, how- ever, could it be said that the trypsin had accom- plished any changes which are not already known to be familiar concomitants of the disease as it ad- vances in its orderly and destructive way. Eliminating entirely all reference to the discom- fort which is Dilantin 125 produced by numerous large hypoder- mic injections, and to the occasional production of inflammation, it is the author's opinion that the tryp-

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