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sin treatment did not prevent the patients from showing a progressive loss of weight, and in view Purchase Dostinex Online of this steady, progressive loss of weight and the lack of evidence showing any retrogressive changes in the carcinomatous tissues, they are led to the con- clusion that the course of cancer, both as a disease and as a morbid proliferating process, is unaltered by the administration of the pancreatic enzymes in the manner thus far tested. ON MODIFIED LEGAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE SEMIINSANE. The division of mankind in general into two classes — the insane Buy Dostinex Online who are put away, and the sane who put them away — has certain advantages from the legal standpoint ; but it also is open to the ob- jection that it Generic Dostinex is a Dostinex Price popular, and not a scientific, method of classification. For one thing, it entirely leaves out Cabergoline 0.5 of consideration the very large class of half crazy people who form a Dostinex Cost group of great im- portance from a social as well as a medicolegal standpoint. Attention has been recently directed to this sub- ject by a very suggestive monograph, entitled Demi-fous and demi-responsables, by' Dr. Gras- set, of Montpellier {Bibliotheque de philosophie contemporaine). This author reminds us that, al- though these individuals are not mad, they are proper objects of medical care, since they are clear- ly abnormal. In this group are found many indi- viduals of superior intellectuality (if, indeed, they do not constitute the majority), who have a high social value. At the same time, owing to their men- tal defect, Buy Dostinex they may become a menace to society. In Grasset's estimation, Order Dostinex the born criminal of Lom- broso is also semiinsane. In view of this psychic weakness, it is evident that the community in which they live owes to Purchase Dostinex these unfortunates both necessary assistance and appropriate treatment; but at the same time it must take measures to protect Dostinex Online itself from their misdeeds. Here comes in the vexed question of partial respon- sibility. It is evidently unjust to Cabergoline 0.5 Mg punish the semi- insane individual as if he were in the full possession of sound mental faculties ; and it is impossible to constantly restrain him as if he were actually insane. As a partial solution of the problem, Grasset sug- gests that institutions, or Dostinex Tablets special asylums, should be established by the State, where it could take proper care of, or Buy Cheap Dostinex punish, individuals of partially defective mentality, or the half crazy people, and the courts should proceed to take cognizance of thig important and numerous class of offenders and treat them with proper consideration due to their mental de- ficiency. July 13,1007.] OBITUARY— SEWS ITEMS. 8l #bituarn. RICHARD HEXRY DERBY, M. D., 'OF NEW YORK. Dr. Derby died on Thursday, July 4th, in Litch- Order Dostinex Online field, Conn.," where he had been under Dostinex Mg medical treat- ment for debility induced apparently by grief at the death of his wife, which occurred in March. He was a native of Boston and Cheap Dostinex a graduate of the Har- vard Medical School, of the class of 1867. He en- tered upon practice in New York in 1870, follow- ing from the first the specialty of ophthalmolog>-, m which he achieved a national reputation. For many years he had been one of the surgeons of the New Cabergoline Tablets York Eye and Ear Infirmary, and ophthalmic sur- geon to various hospitals. He was sixty-three years old. Though Dr. Derby's practice was restricted to ophthalmologv, he always showed a keen in- terest in the general welfare of the profession and in public sanitation, to which on more than one oc- casion he devoted much time and labor. Personally, he Cabergoline Buy was a very amiable man, thoroughly liked by his professional brethren. * < » f £b3S Ittms. Buy Cabergoline

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