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orrhage will have ceased on completion of the opera- tion, so that the incision should be closed with a sub- cuticular suture. The usual oedema of the cheek will follow and last about seven days. THE JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN MEDICAL ASbOCIATION Itily 6, 100/. 1. State Medicine; Generic Elimite Its Foundation. Superstructure and Scope. Oration on State Medicine at the Fiftv- seventh Annual Session of the .American Medical Association, Boston. 1906. By W. H. Sanders. 2. Sanitation in the Canal Zone. By W. C. Gorgas 3. Digestive Elimite For Lice Disorders in Pulmonary Tuberculosis, By James R. Arxeill. 4. Does the Opacity of Incipient Cataract Ever Regain Transparency. By Leartus Connor. 5. Loss of Vitreous Humor in the Operation for Extrac- tion of Cataract. Bv J. Morrison Rav. Elimite Cream Over The Counter 6. Rupture of Permethrin 5 Cream Elimite an Aortic Aneurysm in a Child of Four Elimite Cream Otc Years. By Robert N. Willson and Alexander Marcy. 7. Neurofibroma of the Orbit— Kronlein Operation, By W'alter R. Parker. 8. Suprarenal Hxmorrhage : An L'nusual Cause of Sud- den Death, Bv J. F. Munson. 9. The Indications for Resection of the Middle Turbinal. By \\'. E. Casselberry. 10. I he Role of the Wood Tick (Dermjcentor Occiden- talis) in Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and the Susceptibility of Local Animals to this Disease. .^ Preliminary Report, By H. T. Ricketts 11. A Clinical Study of Blood Pressure Variations in Dia- betes and their Bearing on the Cardiac Complications. By Arthur R. Elliott. 12. Latent Diphtheria. .\ Public Elimite Cost Health Problem. By M\-ER Solis-Cohen. 13. An Epidemic of .\cute Pellagra, By George H. Searcy. 2. Sanitation in the Canal Zone. — Gorgas states that when America took possession of Cuba in iS)8. the great sanitary problem was the control of vellow fever. The discovery made in Elimite Cream Scabies 1901 by the Army Medi- cal Board, composed of Dr. Reed, Dr. Carrol, Dr. Lazear. and Dr. Agramonte. after we had been in Cuba about two years, enabled the sanitary autliorities to rid that island of yellow fever. The island rcinained free for three years. He states that Dr. Coles I'inlarv had deduced the theory that Elimite Otc the Stcgomyia conveyed yellow Elimite Or Kwell fever, and he had in many papers steadilv main- tained that theory since 1881. The government was then turned over Permethrin Elimite Cream to Where Can I Buy Elimite the Cubans, political discussions arose, governmental administration l)ecame m.ire or less lax, and yellow fever reappeared. Last year the United States again assumed control ; the same s:\nitary methods Elimite 5 Cream .were reapplied, and yellow fever has again disappeared. It is now generally recognized that yel- low fever can be controlled by Elimite Generic sanitary measures based Elimite Price on the knowledge that the Stcgomyia mosquito alono conveys this disease. This has been demonstrated a number of times in various parts of the western hemi- sphere. The work consists first in rendering of ail nonimmunes immune by giving them a Where Can I Buy Elimite Cream light attack of yellow fever. In a population such as Havana has. the native is not liable to yellow fever, and is spokeii of as being imnuine. The stranger is the onlv one liable to this disease, and is known as a nonimmuiu' Second, the destruction of all Permethrin 5 Percent Elimite Sfcgomyia mosquitoes 84 PITH OF CURRENT LITERATURE. About the Canal Zone the author says that malaria has been so controlled that the sick rate of the total force in the month of April, 1907, was less than seven- teen per thousand; Buy Elimite Cream that is, out of every thousand men at work on the canal there were on an average during Permethrin Elimite the month only seventeen sick in hospitals each day. Among 6,000 Americans in the employ of the commis- Elimite Lice

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