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have been in contact Buy Erectalis Online with a diphtheria patient, whether at home, at school, or at work, should be examined bacteriologically. 7. Disinfection of fomites Erectalis Online and ter- minal disinfection of rooms and their contents is in- sufficient and reliance thereon treacherous. Animate carriers of infection are more dangerous than the in- animate. 13. An Epidemic of Acute Pellagra. — Searcy re- ports an epidemic of acute pellagra in the Mount Ver- non Insane Hospital in Alabama. Of the eighty-eight patients, only eight were males, the average age was thirty-four. Of the skin lesions 85 per cent, showed it on the back of the hands and wrists, while 35 per cent, had it on the dorsal surface of the feet, and the same proportion on the back of the neck : 20 per cent, had it on the face, i. e., about the cheeks : only 8 per cent, had the skin lesions on all of those locations, and 72 per cent, had no skin lesions at all; just the salivation, gastrointestinal disturbance, and nervous symptoms. No nurses had the disease. They handled the patients, slept in Buy Erectalis the halls near them, and the chief difference in their way of living was in the diet. They ate little corn bread, mostly flour bread, biscuits, etc., and had a little more variety of diet. The prognosis in acute cases, as in the Mount Vernon epidemic, is always unfavor- able, death ensuing in cases in from two to three weeks; others run longer. Recovery in any case is very slow, the patient remaining for months feeble and more or less depressed. .\s for the treatment, there are no specific remedies. The essential management consists in placing the patient in good hygienic sur- roundings and trying to improve the general health by good nourishing food and such tonics as may seem indicated. Arsenic, iron, and pepsin preparations were the remedies on which most support was i)laced, and which sometimes seemed to influence the disease favor- ably. July 13. ia07.] PITH OF CURRENT LITERATURE. MEDICAL RECORD. Inly 6, igoy. 1. Operations for Urinary Calculi. By George E. Post. 2. The Future of Medical Journalism, By J.-\MES E\^LYN PiLCHER. 3. -Syphilitic Tumors of the Breast, By Joseph B. Bissell. 4. The Prevention of Venereal Disease. By A. H. Baker. 5. Chronic Perforating Ulcer of the Bladder, By Henry K. Leake. 6. Report of a Postoperative Case of Fibroid Sarcoma Under the Enzvme Treatmeni. By William T. Doran. 3. Syphilitic Tumors of Erectalis Tablets the Breast. — Bissell de- scribes the history of five cases of syphilitic tumors of the breast. From his experiences and those of others he draws the following conclusions: I. That gummata of the breast are not as rare as the authorities would lead us to infer. 2. That as a rule these late syphilitic lesions of the breast can be quite easily distinguished by careful diagnosis. 3. That to a certainty some breasts can be saved from operative procedures, which heretofore have been needlessly sacrificed. 4. That in case of doubt an effort should first be made by means of a quick method of treatment to exclude absolutely the possibility of the tumor being syphilitic. 4. The Prevention of Venereal Disease. — Baker ob- serves that young men should be taught that a conti- nent life is not detrimental to health, and to avoid the unclean woman as they would pestilence or plague. Warn them against the danger of an illicit intercourse after they have become engaged to marry. How many of us have had cases of venereal disease to treat in men, contracted after the date of their marriage was set and there was insufficient time under any circum- stances for them to recover? Also explain to them that the fathers and mothers of marriageable daughters will be taught that when a previously healthy girl de- velops a cystitis or pelvic inflammation immediately or shortly after marriage there is usually but one rea- son for it and that reason is the ])resence of venereal disease in the ynung husband. Advocate early mar- riages. If there is one thing more than another med- ical men should set their faces against it is the demand of society that a man shall be able to furnish every luxury and comfort in a home before he marries. It simply means he will finally come to the marriage covenant unfitted either in years or health or both to give to society that which could be justly expected of him. Arouse and instill in the minds of young women the exalted jiosition of a mother over that of tlie social,

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