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childless butterfly, 6. . Report of a Postoperative Case of Fibroid Sar- coma Under the Enzyme Treatment. — Doran reports a case of enzyme trcalnu-nt. The recovery from imme- diate effects of the operation was uneventful, but with- in the second week following the inguinal glands on the right side became involved. Later on there was in- volvement of the glands on cheap eriacta the left side. Upon bi- manual examination continued enlargement of the ob- turator glands was found. There was marked indura- tion of all the involved glands, purchase sildenafil citrate but no evidence of in- flammatory conditions. Lnzyme treatment was sug- gested; nothing was promised at the time from its use. save a possible nutritional gain. It instituted on January 7, 1007. .\t this time tiic patient weighed 115 pounds and was weak and anxmic. On the first day five minims of trypsin (special strength) was given hypodermicaliy. This was gradually increased each day until on the fourth day twenty order sildenafil citrate minims of trypsin was administered. At tliis lime the use of amylopsin was begun and injections of twenty minims of trypsin and amylopsin were given daily. The doses were grad- ually increased until February 9, when the patient left the hospital, at which time she was receiving thirty minims of each daily. Up to this time there had been only slight rise in temperature eriacta uk (1.5°) and an increased pulse rate. Treatment was continued at home every other cheap sildenafil citrate day, forty minims of both ferments being used. In the beginning of the third ranbaxy eriacta month of treatment there was marked tenderness in both breasts, particularly in the left one, which was accompanied by a dragging sensation. Examination revealed no enlargement; co- incidentally the patient suffered from nausea and head- ache. These symptoms were ascribed to the treatment. The dose was gradually increased until sixty minims of each were given every other day. The glands grad- uallv diminished in size, and the patient increased in weight and strength. Since April 19 the patient has been treated twice a week only, the maximum dose of sixty minims buy eriacta online each of trypsin and amylopsin being given. During the treatment the patient has taken internally, holadin. twelve grains daily; pancrohepatic (extract- um pancreatis). three grains; inspissated ox gall, eriacta tablets one grain daily. Extra diet was encouraged, iron tonics used for the blood. BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL. June 22, 1907. 1. Clinical Observations on Tropical Ailments as They Are Met With in Britain, By J. C.\utlie. 2. Referred Pain and Its Diagnostic Value. By D. Forsyth. ■>,. The Treatment of Locomotor Ataxy by Fibrolysin, ■ , By F. M. Pope. 4. The Causes and Significance of Certain Ambiguous Reactions Obtained in Testing Urine for Sugar. By H. M.xcLEAN. 5. Ligature of Common Carotid for Arterial Dilatation and Epilepsy, By R. Parker. 6. On the Cultivation of the Meningococcus in the Present Epidemic of Cerebrospinal Meningitis in Belfast, By W. St. C. Symmers and W. J. Wilson. 7. The Role of the Various Elements in the Development and Regeneration of Bone, By Sir W. M.\cewen. 2. Referred Pain. — Forsyth states that it is difficult to classify pain, but that the following distinctions may be made. eriacta online There are the pains of inflammation, of pres- sure, and of stretching — the two latter probably the same. Then there is neuralgic buy eriacta pain — pain with no or- ganic lesion — buy sildenafil citrate and subjective pain, where the mind itself is buy sildenafil citrate online at fault. Lastly, there is referred or sympa- thetic pain — by this is meant that variety of pain which. is located to one healthy part of the body as a result of disease in another. It may be the only pain produced by the disease, or it may coexist with a greater or less degree of local pain set up in the affected viscus. Al- locheiria is that uncommon condition where the patient refers stimula applied to one part of his body to a cor- responding position on the opposite side. True neu- ralgia depends on no nerve lesion, neither is it referred from anv remote condition. It is entirely distinct from referred pain, and yet the diagnosis is often extremely difficult. The points sildenafil citrate 50mg to be relied on are the area of distril)ution and the presence or absence of superficial tenderness. Referred pain is associated with hyix-r- algesia; with neuralgia this is uiuisual. Referred pain order eriacta (and its ranbaxy eriacta 100 superficial sildenafil citrate 100mg tenderness) is limited by boundaries set in the central nervous system; the distribution in neuralgia corresponds to. some peripheral nerve. 4. Doubtful Sugar Reactions in Urine.— Maclean has

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