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studied the ambiguous reactions price erythromycin gel so frequently observed in testing the urine for sugar, and also the inllucncc of kreatinin, uric acid and the urates, the phosphates, etc. The significance of such moilifiod reactions is most forcililv presented in connection with applications for cost of erythromycin 500mg life insurance, .'^iriclly speaking, every urine contains a certain amount of sugar, which is prevented from giving a reaction witli Feliling's l,est by means of the kreatinin present. The kreatinin. liowever, is not ca- pable of inhibiting the etTect of considerable amount" 86 PITH OF CURRENT LITERATURE. of sugar, even when it is itself present in increascorder erythromycin standing purchase erythromycin for a minute or two, it may be assumed that sugar is present in ab- normal amount. Unless at least a distinct opalescent fluid cost erythromycin gel with a greenish or yellowish precipitate is ob- tained, the test should be held as negative for all prac- tical purposes. It should be remembered that a urine giving a specific gravity of 1.020 when passed will show a rise to 1.025, or more, on cooling to room tempera- ture. _ In a case giving a modified reaction after dilu- buy cheap erythromycin tion, it is always advisable to postpone the report until another examination can be made. cost erythromycin The amount price erythromycin ophthalmic ointment of exercise taken, the quantity of carbohydrate eaten, working in badly ventilated rooms, temporary mentally disturbed conditions, alcohol, etc., all tend to cause a slight increase in the amount of sugar excreted in the urine of apparently healthy persons. Again, sugar may be present in the urine without apparent cause, and the power price erythromycin india of assimilation of carbohydrate may cost erythromycin ophthalmic ointment vary within fairly wide limits, even in the same individual. Urines containing sugar are not always of high specific grav- ity. The fact that every urine contains a certain amount of sugar; cost erythromycin topical that the amount normally present varies with dififerent individuals and probably for the same individuals, and that the test is at best but a rela- tive one. indicates that the occurrence of an ambiguous reaction in cheap erythromycin a concentrated urine is generally of no clin- ical importance, and though largely due to how much does azithromycin cost carbohy- drates, does not usually indicate an abnormal condition. In urines of low specific gravity these ambiguous reac- tions do generally indicate a slight excess of sugar, but its probable bearing and importance can only be ascer- tained by watching the case, and by repeated examina- tions of the urine at short intervals. In most cases it will be found to disappear and give no further trouble; in a few it may show the starting point of a true dia- betes mellitus, and in such cases early detection of the true condition is exceedingly important. 6. Cerebrospinal Meningitis.— Symmers and Wilson have studied the bacteriology of the recent outbreak of cerebrospinal meningitis in Belfast. They isolated the meningococcus price erythromycin philippines from the cerebrospinal fluid in fifty-two out of seventy-five patients. The organism is Gram negative, does not peptonize gelatin, produces indol, forms acid from glucose and maltose, but not from galactose, gas is never produced, grows well in media containing raw ascitic fluid, and lives for two weeks or more in fluid sugar media. LANCET. June 22, igoy. 1. The Nature and Treatment of Piles, By A. E. S. Barker. 2. The Treatment of Hysteria. By T. D. Savill. .3. Two Cases of Excision of Ruptured Spleen, By E. W. RouGHTON and W. d'E. Emery. 4. A Consideration of .Some Symptoms Which May be Produced cost erythromycin eye ointment by Seventh Cervical Ribs, By C. M. H. HowEi-L. 5. A Case of Acute Lcucxmia (Lymphocytha;mia), By H. H. E. ScATLiFF, E. Hodhouse, and F. G. Bush NELL. 6. A Dangerous Dry Shampoo, By H. C. CoLMAN and C. R. Marshall. 1. Piles. — Barker defines a pile as primarily a dilated or varicose price erythromycin ointment condition of one or more of the plexus of veins online erythromycin average cost erythromycin lying under the mucous membrane of the cost erythromycin ophthalmic last

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