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5. Acute Leucaemia. — Scatliff and Hobhouse report a case of acute lymphocythremia. From their studies they conclude that whatever explanation is offered for such cases, it must include all forms of leucsemia, for every kind of transitional stage between the spleno- medullary and lymphatic forms is met with and the}- cannot be taken apart. The parasitic theory is the only one that offers any hope as regards treatment — estrace creme viz., on vaccine lines. LA PRESSE MEDICALE. June 8, 1907. estrace cost 1. estrace cream Simple Treatment of Certain Dermatoses and Deformi- ties of the Face, By Lucien J.\cql"et. 2. Definition of Dilatation of the Stomach Based on Gastric Radioscopy, By G. Levex and estrace ivf G. B.\rret. .■?. Intermittent Pneumonia, By Alfred M.artixet. 4. Poisoning by Sodium Salicylate. By M. Darquier. estrace coupons 5. Atoxyl in Spirochetosis, By R. Romme. 1. Treatment of Dermatosis and Deformities of tha Face. — Jacquet's simple treatment consists in the meth- odical application of massage, at estrace online first gently and in- creasing in force, to develop the energ}- of the tissue, together with correction of whatever digestive trouble may be present. 2. Description estrace 2 mg of the Stomach Based on Radioscopy. — Levcn and Barret describe the form, situation, rela- tions, mode of filling, and evacuation of the stomach as revealed by radioscopy. 3. Intermittent Pneumonia, — Martinet reports a case met with in a child four and one half years old. of pncun:onia, in wliich the fever was intermittent, and quotes buy estrace another case met with in a child of two years. Malaria he thinks was absolutely excluded. June 12, 190/. 1. The So Called Syphilitic Stricture of the Rectum, By Eiior.sRD Schw.\rte. 2. The Role of Infection in the Grave Forms of .Ansemia, By L. RiB.\DE.M-DrM.\s and Poisot. estrace price .?. Plaster .\pparatiis for Immobilization of the Foot, By P. Desfosses. 1. Syphilitic Stricture of the Rectum. — Schwartz reports a stricture of the buy estrace cream rectum met with in a woman, thirty-three years old, who had an indurated sore on the vulva and presented the symptoms estrace estradiol of secondary .syphilis. BERLINER KLINISCHE WOCHENSCHRIFT. June 3, 1907. 1. Studies of tin- Spirillae of the European Recurrent Fever, By C. Fraxkei. 2. Atoxyl in Syphilis. . By O. Lassar. ,1 The Influence Exerted Upon the Viscusit.* of the Un- man Blood by Cold and Heat, By Df.termann. 4. estrace and ivf .\ii Apparatus for the Measurement of the Blood Pres- sure in .Man, By M. J. Bing. 5. A estrace tablets New Iljcniadynamnmcter, By II. .Srn.i.MARK. 6. Modern Invcstipations in Regard to Disinfection with Gases and Vapors, By V . I'"riedemann. 2. Atoxyl in Syphilis. — Lassar speaks very highly of ihc results he obtained from the use of atoxvl in syphilis. The use of atoxyl for this purpose was sug- gested by the good results obtained in the sleeping sick- ness, estrace 2mg a disease dependent buy estrace online on tryposomata, which are nearly related to the protozoon stated by Schaudinn to be the active cause of syphilis. 3. The Influence Exerted Upon the Viscosity of the Blood by Cold and Heat. — Determann says estrace coupon that there is almost regularly an increase in the viscosity of the blood after cold plunges, which are followed by visibly good skin reaction. Cold hand baths appear estrace for ivf to change the viscosity of the b'ood in the same way. 4 and 5. Measurement of the Blood Pressure. — Bing and Stillmark have each devised a new apparatus for the measurement of the blood pressure. estrace 1 mg The descrip- tions of them are long and not well adapted to con- densation. estrace cream coupon June 10, 1907. 1. The Treatment of Scarlet Fever, By B. Schick.

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