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hal has examined the bactericidal powers of tears and found them very pronounced to slaphylococci and streptococci, but not. as a rule, to Griseofulvin Online pneumococci. The bactericidal effect is not due to the inorganic compo- nents of the fluid, but partly to the leucocytes, and, it would seem, partly also to certain substances of enzyme nature present in tears. Thus, lacrymal fluid that has been heated to a certain temperature and afterward cooled again to the normal fails to prevent the growth of bacteria to the same degree as when it has not un- dergone any previous heating." By mechanical irritation, by fermentative dismtegra- tion, by attachment, encroachment, displacement, or penetration, also by alteration, absorption, displacement, transfer, or formation Grifulvin V of solids, liquids, or gases, enzymes mav so alter the structure of bacteria or the environment' of bacteria that injurious bacteria perish, are expelled, become inert, or transferred, while native bacteria are encouraged to increase or Grifulvin V Micr to diminish, i. e., kept at normal. Enzymes in this manner may aid Metchnikoff's phagocytes in expelling or absorbing for- eign bodies or transferring foreign bodies to other tis- sues or fluids where they will be less harmful. Enzymes may protect against pathogenic invasion in some fluids and tissues wholly or partially unprotected by phago- cvtes. ' Enzymes, organic and inorganic constituents of the saliva, motions of the tongue, teeth, lips, and jaws, by destroying bacteria, may, more than density Grifulvin V 500 of tooth structure, prevent, arrest, and resist Purchase Griseofulvin Online caries of the teeth. In some saliva potassium sulphocyanide may destroy Order Griseofulvin Online bacteria. Often mouths are seen in which saliva itself seems to sustain tooth destroying bacteria. Soil favorable to tooth destroyng bacteria may be at- tacked, penetrated, disintegrated by enzymes and thus dislodged from sulci, interdental spaces, and cavities of decay. Destructive caries of the teeth in disease and in preg- nancy may be due to a lack of bactericidal quality of the saliva, abnormal enzymosis, excessive dilution Buy Grifulvin V or concentration of the saliva, excess of certain salivary constituents in which bacteria thrive, or deficiency of certain constituents of saliva which destroy bacteria. Again, the motions of teeth, lips, tongue, jaws, and saliva may play parts. But Buy Cheap Griseofulvin Robertson, Miller, Black, and others Griseofulvin Buy who have been referred to this subject in writing Buy Grifulvin Online have left lit- tle to be added to the literature concerning the fctiology of caries of the teeth, NoRBURN'E B. Jenkins. HORIZONTAL UNILATER.\L NYSTAGMUS. 2040 Seventh Avenue. New York. June 2^- ^907- To the Editors:. I beg to report Buy Griseofulvin Online this case on account of its great rarity. Master F., aged four years and a half, was brought to my clinic for examination. The family and personal histories were negative as to rheu- matic, tuberculous, and venereal diseases. The Buy Grifulvin patient had measles at the age of seven months; he also suf- fered fron; rickets as a baby, and as a resu't has genu valgum. Otherwise there is nothing of note. Examination. — O. D., fingers at 40 feet. Cornea clear, media clear. Fundus normal. No muscular in- sufficiency. No squint. O. S.. 20/20 E. Cornea and media clear, fundus normal. No muscular insufficiency or squint. I merely wish to add my case to those com- piled by Dr. Duane in 1905 {Neiv York State Journal of Medicine). Dr. Duane reports fifty-two cases of unilateral nystagmus, and classifies Buy Griseofulvin them as follows: Thirty-four were vertical, eleven Purchase Griseofulvin Generic Griseofulvin were horizontal, five were rotary, and two were mixed. Cases of the horizontal variety have been reported as follows: Two Where To Buy Griseofulvin by Norrie, one by von Reuss, one by Eversbush, one by Sachs, one by Order Griseofulvin Boulard, one by Nagel, one by Neustatter, one by Oppenheimer, one by Knapp, and one by Duane — eleven in all. A. J. Herzit,. Hook loticfs. Lcs Formes posterieurcs de I'appendicite. Par P. Vig- NARD, chirurgien des hopitaux, P. Cavaillon, pro- secteur a la faculte, et A. Chabanon, interne des hopitaux de Lyon. Paris: A. Poinat, 1907, Pp. 143. This pamphlet consists of two separate essays — on the retrocsecal and retrocolic intraperitoneal suppura- tion resulting from appendicular inflammation, by Dr. Vignard ; and on the retroperitoneal suQpuration caused by the same disease, by Dr. Cavaillon and Dr. Chaba-

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