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Cie. 1907. Pp. 128. Lecons dc therapeutique pratique. Par G. Rauzier, pro- fesseur adjoint a la Faculte de medecine de Montpellier. use of ibuprofen Preface de M. le Professeur Albert Robin, membra de TAcadcmie de medecine. Montpellier : Coulet et Fils ; Paris : Masson et Cie. 1907. Pp. 3S2. Die Impotcnz des Mannes. Fiir Aerzte dargestellt. Von Dr. Oroloski, Specialarzt in Berlin. Wiirzburg : A. Stuber, 1907, The acetaminophen or ibuprofen Common Bacterial Infections of the Digestive Tract and the Intoxications .\rising from Them. By C. .A. Hcrtcr. M. D.. Professor of Pharmacology and Therapeu- tics in Columbia University, Consulting Physician to the City Hospital, New York. New York : The Macmillan Company; London: Macmillan & Co., Ltd., 1907. Pp. x- 360 Lehrbuch der Arzneimittcllehre. Von Prof. R. Heinz, in Erlant:en Jena : Gustav Fischer, 1907. Pp. 426. .\tlas and F.pitomc of Diseases of dose ibuprofen Children. By Dr. R. Hccker and Dr. J. Trumpp, of the University of Munich. .•\uthnrizc(l Translation from the German. Edited by Isaac .-\. .Mit, M. D.. .Assistant Professor of the Di.-.eases of Chil- dren in Rush Medical College. Philadelphia and London: W. B. Saunders Company. idose of ibuprofen 1.. I)., and ibuprofen and motrin John .\shluirton Cutter. M. D., B. Sc. New York: The Gazette Publishing Com- pany. 1907. Modern Methods of Diagnosis in I'rinarv Surgery. Bv Edw:ird Dcancsly. M. D., B. Sc. F. R. C. S..' Hon. Surgeon, Wolverhampton ibuprofen acetaminophen and Staffordshire General Hospital. Lon- don ■ 1 1. K. Lewis. 1907. Report of the Commissioner of Education for the Year luidinu jmie acetaminophen with ibuprofen 30. 1905. Volume I. Washington: Govern- lueiit Printing Office. i<»7. (L^fflnal Bcms. Public Health and Marine Hospital Service Health Reports : T!ie folloicing cases of snuilll'o.v, yellozv fever, 600 ibuprofen cholera, and plague, have ibuprofen mg been reported to the Surgeon General, United States Public Health and Marine Hospital Senice, during the ii'eek ending July 5 1907: Smallpox — Vniied dosage for ibuprofen Stales. Places. Date. Cases. Deaths. Dist. of Columbia— Washington . advil ibuprofen June 15-22 1 Illinois — Chicago . ., ibuprofen and acetaminophen June 22-20 4 Illinois — Galesburg June 1.5-22 1 Illinois — Springfield dosage of ibuprofen June 20-27 1 Indiana — Indianapolis June lfi-2:! 2 Indiana — Lafayette .Tune 17-24 3 Indiana — South Bend June I.t-22 2 Kansas — Kansas City June 15-22 4 Kentucky — Covington Tune 22-20 5 I'Centuoky — Louisville June 21-28 2 Louisiana — Xew Orleans lune 15-22 5 ibuprofen motrin 1 Massachusetts — Lawrence Tune 15-22 2 Michigan — Detroit Tune 15-29 dosage ibuprofen 22 Minnesota — General .May 1-June 16. . advil and ibuprofen . ibuprofen use .516 Missouri — .St. Joseph Tune 15-22 2 Missouri — St. Louis Tune 15-22 5 Ohio — Toledo Mav 18-22 24 Tennesspe — Nashville Tune 23-30 2 Texas — San .\ntonio Tune 1.5-22 3 Virginia — Richmond lune 15-22 3 ^^'ashington — Spokane lune 15-22 3 Wisconsin — Milwaukee June 15-22 3 S'liii. Iiox — Foreign. .\friea — motrin is ibuprofen Lorenco Marquez .\pr. 1-30 3 Austria — Trieste .~. Mav 25-June 1 . .». 1 China — Hankan May dose for ibuprofen 11-18

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