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Derby. — In Litchfield, Connecticut, on Thursday, July 4th, Dr. Richard Henry Derby, of New York, aged sixty- three years. Fisher. — In Bedford, Kentucky, on Monday, July ist, Mrs. Kate Fisher, wife Buy Indocin of Dr. S. K. Fisher. Ford. — In Brooklyn, on Tuesday. July 2nd. Dr. Alfred W. Ford, aged fifty-four years. ' Hoy. — In Altoona. Pennsylvania, on Friday. July 5th. Dr. H. K. Hoy, aged fifty-eight years. Nelson. — In Taberg, N. Y., on Wednesday. June 26th. Dr. William H. Nelson, aged seventy-seven years. Otis. — In Poughkcepsie, N. Y., on Sunday, June .10th. Dr. John H. Indocin 25mg Otis, aged thirty-six years. Peacocke. — In Brooklyn, on Wednesday, July 3rd, Dr. John Monsell Peacocke, aged fifty-nine years. Platts. — In St. Louis. Missouri, on Wednesday, June 'r)th. Dr. Clyde P. Platts. of White City, Florida, aged thirty-six years. Reinf.rt. — In Hartford. Connecticut, on Friday, June 2.Sth, Dr. Christian Frederick Reinert, Indocin Injection aged sixty-nine years. VosE. — Generic Indocin In Brooklyn, on Thursday. June 27th. Dr. Frank- lin J. Vosc, aged fifty-six years. New York Medical Journal INCORPORATING THE Philadelphia Medical Journal ?^t Medical News A Indocin Headache Weekly Review of Medicine, Established 184J. Vol. LXXXVI, No. 3. XEW YORK, JULY 20, 1907. Whole No. 1494. Indocin 25 Mg Original Communuations. A REPORT OF CASES OF LANDOUZY-DEJERINE MYOPATHY (CONGENITAL), THOMSEN'S DISEASE, AND ENCHONDROMA OF THE HYPOPHYSIS, And Indocin Suppositories 100mg of Other Cases of Rare Tyfies of Muscular Dystrophy and Antcriopoliomyelitis, ivith Remarks. By L. Pierce Clark, M. Indocin Generic D., New York, Visiting Neurologist to tlie Randall's Island Hospitals and Schools Indocin Sr 75 ; Consulting Neurologist at the Manhattan State Hospital, etc. AxD Ch.^rles Indocin Tablets E. Atwood, S. B., M. D., New York, Assistant Neurologist at the Vanderbilt Clinic (Columbia Uni- versity) ; Indocin And Ibuprofen Formerly First .\ssistant Physician, Bloom- ingdale .\sylum. The following Indocin Suppository cases are presented to illustrate some unusual Indocin Suppositories symptoms in certain types of nervous disease, and inasmuch as the types are fairly Indocin Vs Ibuprofen well known, only the unusual features will be emphasized in the case abstracts.' A Case of Landousy-Dejcrinc Form of Myopathy (Congenital). Case I. — R. M. P., male, set. Indocin High five, was first seen in February, Indocin Iv 1907. The family history is as follows: The father, a salesman, had rheumatism ; one paternal aunt was insane ; the maternal grandmother had asth- ma. The patient is Indocin Pda the second and a normal birth; the first was a miscarriage, and the third a Order Indocin bright and healthy girl. There is no form of dystrophy in tho family. In infancy the patient was unable to suckle properly from the beginning, though he was able Indocin For Pda to

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