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it will open spontaneously at one or more points of least resistance, and the resulting fistulas are often refractive to treatment. With the opening of a bubo the tissues may become the seat Mobic Mg of chancroidal infection and a chancroid bubo result. In rare cases this may take the phagedenic or gangrenous form, and deep and extensive ulcerations result. The prophylaxis of bubo consists in rest, the sur- gical cleanliness of the ulcer and the avoidance of silver nitrate as a Buy Cheap Mobic cauterant. The treatment of bubo varies as to the stage of the disease. When seen early an attempt should be made to abort the l)ubo. Various ointments, wet dressings, and injections have been recommended for this purpose. The Ijest wet dressing in our experience for the relief of pain and tenderness is the local application ni a saturated solution of magnesiimi sulp)iatc. tofi-cllier with rest, July 20, 1907.] BERG: PROPERTIES OF IONS. 113 and after the subsidence of the acute symptoms the appHcation of an ointment composed What Is Meloxicam of equal parts of the official mercurj^ and belladonna, ichthyol oint- ments, and lanolin. This ointment should be spread one quarter to one half inch thick on lint to cover the entire swelling, a cotton pad applied, and all fixed with a Cheap Mobic spica bandage of the groin. By this method the abortive treatment was successful in 55 per cent, of the cases. When the abortive method of treatment fails, the abscess should be opened where it tends to point, an opening being made of Meloxicam 15mg sufficient size to allow the free escape of pus ; the cavity should then be cleansed with as little pressure as possible, and a wet sterile dressing applied and suitably fixed. Necrotic glands should Buy Mobic Online be removed by blunt dissection. In abscesses which have opened spontaneously and do not heal, the edges of the sinus should be cut away, all loose and necrotic glands removed by gentle curetting, and the wound dressed atitiseptically. Mobic Price This method of treatment has given much better results than free incisions and curetting, or extensive dissections either before or after the glands have broken down. The wounds resulting from these operations Mobic Online are long in healing, and in complete removal interfer- ence with the Purchase Mobic Online lymphatic drainage may follow, causing swelling of the penis and scrotum simu- lating a mild elephantiasis. Phimosis is a very frequent complication of chan- croid. This is Meloxicam 15 due to the fact that chancroid is most frequently Mobic Tablets situated upon the reflected layer, in the sulcus, or on Generic Mobic the glans, and inflammation is favored by the retention of secretion. In consequence of this inflammation the prepuce becomes thickened and infiltrated, thereby preventing its retraction over the glans, as the prepucial orifice does not yield to Meloxicam Meloxicam stretching. Phimosis is frequently an early com- plication of chancroid, and results usually from carelessness or the too liberal use of cauterants. The diagnosis is easy. The foreskin cannot be re- tracted over the glans ; it is red, swollen, and pain- ful. Pus discharges freely from the preputial open- ing, and in a few days ulcers appear at the margin from autoinoculation. If the inflammatory process is allowed to continue unchecked, considerable de- struction of tiie glans or reflected layer may occur, and ulceration may extend through the foreskin, the Buy Mobic glans being seen in the opening or protruding througli it. Phimosis of chancroidal origin is to be diagnosticated from that caused by gonorrhoea, chancre, and balanoposthitis caused by ulcers, such as those of coalescing herpes, hair cut, or unclean- liness. It should not he forgotten that two or more of these diseases may exist at the same time. Gonor- rhoea can be excluded by the history Mobic Cost of discharge and the absence of ulcers before the development of pliimosis. After thorough irrigation of the pre- putial pocket the urine voided in two glasses will appear cloudy if gonorrhoea is present. Micro- Order Mobic scopical examination dears up the diagnosis. In cliancrc the induration may be quite palpable, the discharge is less, no ulcers arc present at the pre- Order Mobic Online putial margin, and the course of the disease proves tile nature of the infection. Phimosis complicat- ing cliaiurc alone is rarely Purchase Mobic seen, l^himosis arising fmni iuTiics. iiair cuts, etc., responds promptly to stibprepntial antiseptic irrigations. I'Mii...,'., iv licst treated In nst. wet applications preferably of a saturated solution of Meloxicam Mg magnesium sulphate, elevation, and frequent subpreputial irriga- tions. If the inflammation does not respond to this treatment the foreskin should be divided upon the

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