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/. Introduction. That there is a tendency to generalize whenever ptossible is well known. In this way a large num- ber of more or less discrete motrin products ideas may be convenient- ly associated, if the principle underlying all of them be understood. This convenient association or cor- relation of ideas is probably the basis of that sense of mental gratification which is experienced when a general truth is arrived at. Therefore, psycho- logical influences such as these must be considered whenever any general proposition is critically ana- lyzed. Even a most careful observer may be led by such influences to overlook a gap, while seeking a most desirable common factor of some motrin eq kind, in the phenomena under observation. These facts are motrin gel caps so well known that the results of an investigation are studied more critically than usual if it be known that the observer has had preconceived notions of motrin 500 mg what the outcome will be. Evidence which tends to support motrin 500 a favored theory, or add substance to our statements, finds our minds in a peculiarly receptive state which is entirely absent when the evidence favors motrin 1000mg the other side. We instinctively offer men- tal resistance to unwelcome or unpleasant truths. The leading generalizations of physical science are not paralleled in biology. This is probably due to the variability of biological, as opposed to the constancy, of physical units. If at any time in the future, mathematical formula motrin 100 mg be deduced which will show a relation between biological causes and effects, the formulas will probably contain more variables than those ordinarily met with. An equa- tion of state involving three variables can hardly be expected to show the condition of a system which is being affected by many more influences, external and internal. In general, the simple formula liere- cvs motrin tofore used I)y those who attempted mathematically to express biological truths have very often failed to correctly express the intended relations, because of the omission of factors motrin ad that would mathematically represent the conditions which can modify or shape the course of a biological event. Many of these factors are not understood; many are not known. And a formula containing all of them would, in size and complexity, resemble the hypothetical world-formula of Laplace.' The relatively small number of lirnad generaliza- tions in various branches of biology has naturally ' I'flttraon, 'J'lic Qrammar of Science, p. 298, 2d ed., London, served as a stimulus to those motrin printable coupon biologists who sought general truths. And so it was but natural, after the development of the theory of electrolytic dis- sociation by Arrhenius- and van't Hoff" that phys- iologists turned their attention to the recently de- veloped principles of physical chemistry for such explanations of biological phenomena as might en- able them to coordinate the seemingly disconnected data at hand. motrin discontinued As a result of the observations of Hardy", But- schli," and other investigators, it is now believed that the contents (partly or entirely) of all living cells consist of motrin commercial colloidal solutions, i. e., masses of variable viscosity, resembling in some respects a thin jelly. In general, substances which when dis- motrin gel solved in water form thick, viscous, or jellylike solutions are called colloids, to distinguish them from crystalloids or substances whose aqueous solutions are practically (although not exactly) as mobile as the pure solvent. Albumin, glycogen, dextrin, gelatin, various gums, etc., when dissolved in water, form typical colloidal solutions. Almost all crys- tallizable substances can be classed as crystalloids, i. e., common salt, sugar, etc. Colloids and colloidal solutions of various kinds have been carefully stud- ied in extra strength motrin recent years. It is believed by many that the ultimate nature of vital processes may some day be motrin pm coupon understood as whats in motrin the result of such study. //. Physiological effects due to a change in the physical condition of the cell contents. The colloidal contents of the cell are susceptible to external and internal influences of various kinds. In many cases these influences exert a physiolog- ical effect by changing the physical condition of the protoplasm. Thus the toxicity of mercuric chloride and of many of the salts of motrin b heavy metals is referred to their property of combining with and precipitat- ing the protoplasmic proteins." The toxicity of many salts (i. e., barium salts) is due, in part at least, to the precipitation of insoluble substances in the cell. Such insoluble substances (barium sul- phate, etc.) might, in some instances, mechanically prevent or retard cell activity. According to Lillie,' electrolytes which motrin 18 stimulate muscle fibre do so by inducing rapid and reversible changes in the viscosity of the colloidal fibre con- tents. According to this view, muscle contraction is due to a coalescence (incipient coagulation) of colloidal particles ; this change is reversed during the 800 milligram motrin relaxation phase. The theory is open to the

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