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'= In consldorlnK tlip stimulating action of hnrhim saltB, Malhn«« (.Iwiir/roii ■loiirniil of Phiislnlngy, \\, p. 407, 1004) docH not Inrliidi; the possibility of Ihi- formation of an Insoluble roniiiound (of harlumi with a tissue constituent as one of the factors (lelermlnlnK the physiological acllon of liarUim salts. Later, however, p. 477, In (ilHcusslnic the stimulatlni; action of cerlnin polyvalent anions (cllrate. oxalate, etc.), Mathews says, " caliliiin precipitation In the tissues Is not. therefore, neurontin 300 mg pain the cause 9f the sllmninlluK power of these Ions. There Is. however, a lliiiiiiil panilli'llsm of stimulntlni; power and the Insniuhlllty of I he calrlnin i-oinponnils of anions. Whv omit n consideration of Ihe InsoliiMlllv of harlnm compounds? ".Meyer. ln/i(r. fiVi- rj-prrlmmlrllr Piilhnloiilf iinti Pharma- kaUiiiir. xlll. p. 112. ISliO; llanni. Ihi,l.. p 12". '• I.oeb. Sliiillis In Oinrnil />;iii»l/i/o.;r/. ChlcaRo, 100.-.. "Mnlhews, \wnirtni .Imnniil of rhuiioUiini. r, p. 201, 1004. '"Malhews, lliltl., xl, p. 2411, lliiil. " Mathews. .Xmrririin Journul of Plni,i„lmiii, neurontin prices generic xl. p. 210. 1001 drugs as well, do dissociate slightly ; that their phys- iological action is . . . greatest in those which decompose into ions most easily." In this connec- tion it should be remembered that manv nonelec- trolytes, on long standing, decompose into sub- stances which are dissociable. Thus, pure chloro- form, when shaken neurontin 800mg with a solution of silver nitrate vields no precipitate of silver chloride, because pure chloroform, being a nonelectrolyte, does not ionize appreciablv when dissolved in water. After con- tinued exposure to light and air, however, chloro- form decomposes, vielding chlorine, hydrochloric acid, and carbon oxychloride, COCU.'^ Chloroform so exposed will, of course, yield a precipitate with silver nitrate, not because the chloroform has slowly generic neurontin solution ionized, as ^^lathews'" would have it. but because neurontin price comparison it has decomposed, and has yielded an wmzable de- neurontin 300 mg for nerve pain composition product, the hvdrochloric neurontin discounts acid generic neurontin available m this case. The greater toxicity of old chloroform is probablv due to these decomposition products and not to a slow dissociation of the pure product. 1 he same mav generic neurontin 300mg be said of the other substances neurontin price streets men- tioned in' !Mathews"s paper. neurontin discount card Apparently Mathews does not here note the difference between slow ionization on the one hand and slow decomposition of a nonelectrolyte into ionizable compounds on the neurontin price increase other. . V ^ c When an element is dissolved m water, it does not ionize.=» A fresh solution of pure chlorine gas in water contains no chlorine ions. These (chlorine ions in aqueous solution) are always electronega- tive, never positive.^' Leblanc's== claim that tel- lurium is an exception, insofar as it can form both positive and negative ions (of different valences) is not vet generallv admitted. . . When anv substance in solution ionizes, it is separated into positive and generic neurontin gabapentin negative ions, so tliat the sum of the positive charges on the positive ions is equal to the sum of the negative charges on the negative ions. For every charge of one sign there must be one of the opposite s^gn. .^^^ f/;,'"""^ cannot neurontin price without insurance ionize because it cannot dissociate into botl positive and negative ions. However, c^lonne . not a chemicallv inert substance. It slowh deconi poses water, liberating nascent ^^y^^}\.\^"^,Zx r-, ^ , HCl + O). to which the oxidizing (and hlcachin'-) effect of chlorine is due. Perfectly dry chorine-^i chemicallv inert.- It wil not act on neurontin 200 mg fused metallic sodium. The if--^ 1>\ {"-^ ^^^ effect of gaseous chlorine described by Mathews neurontin price is perhaps, not due to chlorine ions of high poten- tial but to the pre.sence of oxygen in the neurontin 600 mg high chlorine gas. and in larger quantitv on the moist protoplasmic sur- face After hvdrochloric acid is formed 't jonizes. vielding hvdroQcn and chlorine ions /"^ ^l^^ chlorine ions arc due to the ionization of the hvdrtv chloric acid, and not of elementary chlorine. If the element when dissolved in pure water does not re- act with the water, like oxygen, ions of th.-it cle- ment would not be formed, even on long st^andni^_ " -Uollemnn TVr/ftoolt of Organic Chcr<\i»tru, p. generic neurontin manufacturers 172, 1 ed.. New York. lOO:!. ^ lV:^n. 'eT^m^'n't- Tn t-he'pure ^t«- neurontin mg -l'7„!!V'r;;'rrn') \TX ter relets with the water. It does not conduct the eurrent Mor Kan. 7'ftV KUmrnts of Ph„^l,al Ch.wistni. p. 144. .(d ed.. X.w Yoric, 100.'.. ^^^^ ^^^ ^^ ^^^ olectrlelty transported by an ele- ment Is always Ihe same." Morijan. loc rit.. p. H-'- "leblanc. Zrilsrhrifl filr Klrrlrnrhrmi,-. xl. p. sn, 10 "WanklAn, Chrwiinl \'i's, xx. p. 271. ISt.O. "MnllHWs, lor. ,lt . p. 217. ii6 BERG: PRO/'liRTIIiS OF IONS.

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