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[New Vouk Medicai, .Toun.NAr, Under certain conditions infinitesimallv small amounts of gases may nexium dosage 80 mg be ionized, forminf^ oj^posite- ly charged ions which are not similar (o ions generic name for nexium in solution. " The word ion has been generally adopted in the lit- what is generic for nexium erature of the subject. In the use of this word no as- sumption is made that the ions in gases are the same as the correspondmg ions in the electrolysis of solu- tions, '"a " Rontgen rays are is there a generic for nexium able to pass very lon-r distances through gases, and as thev pass through the gas they ionize it, splitting up the molecules into posi- tive and nexium 40 mg generic negative ions, the number of molecules 80 mg nexium so split up IS, however, an exceedingly small fraction, less than one billionth, even for strong rays, does nexium have a generic of the number of molecules in the gas."== At ordinary temperatures and pressures, only a small part^" is there a generic nexium (usually less than one thousandth) of the volume of a gas is occupied bv the molecules present in that volume ; the larger part of the vol- ume IS the free space through which the molecules move. It follows that any given volume of gas through which Rontgen rays are passing would con- tain very little ionized matter. " what is the generic name for nexium Thus even in the case of the ionization of a gas by pure radium onlv about one molecule of gas is acted on per second in every loo millions."" Furthermore, when a gas IS allowed to act on any living tissue, it probably dissolves 111 or reacts with the saline solution pres- ent on the surface before it exerts its physiological effect, and we really are dealing with generic form of nexium a gas in solu- tion or with generic brand for nexium its reaction products. The origin of Mathews^'' positive chlorine ions of high potential said to be present in chlorine gas is not clear to us That every chemical reaction is an ionic one has not yet been proved ; some reactions may be mole- cular. " The assumption that reactions in aqueous solution take place onlv between ions is itself one which I presume the maioritv of physical chemists have never adopted and which certainly has now been shown by the experiments of Kahlenberg and others to be directly opposed to all the evidence. "^^ Mathews's inference that substances are physiolog- ically active only when ionized, that their chemical composition is of no importance, and his extension of these principles to account for the action of non- electrolytes, seems to us to lie unwarranted in the light of the evidence (or lack of evidence) advanced to support the theory.™ In terms of this theory, how are when does nexium go generic we to account for the specific effects of sub- stances ? In a recent work"' on the effects of ions on cata- lysis, the results obtained would indicate that solu- tions containing equal generic for nexium 40 mg or equivalent concentrations of different ions do not possess the same properties. The effect of any one ion in the absence of others has not yet been studied, for the reason that soki- -,!"..'.'""""■''"'?.■ If'KJioacUvUv, p. 32, 2d ed.. CambrldEe, 1905. 1004 """"""' '''<'<'Mclty and Maltnr, pp. 03. 137, New York, „„.T^,':!7,'^'- X{"1"V''"''"' C''"'"''^- PP- 210, 418, 4tli ed., Stutt- Kint HIO.', : \\liilt,.|mnnn, llunilhiirh ilrr Phuaik. 1, p. 521, iBt orl., liroHljill, 1 H!»I . " UilllKlfolil. Inc. ell., p. 55. ".MiillirwH. lor. HI., p. 247. '((')■' i<'r'c ''"""'"' "^ """ ''""^''''""' Ohemlmil finclrlii, xxvlll, ''■MndnwH Onds It dlfflciilt to explain the effects of am- monhim »al(H in terms of his theory. In a recent paper (Amer- ican ./Ofiniiil „f /•hiinioloffii. xvlll, p. 03, 1007) he Hn.VH : "... llKil r'.,t„i„ |,l,iniim<-oloKl(.-;il efTeefs and prPHiimably the charae- jeiiHMc HllmiilnllriK «f(|generic equivalent of nexium "< 'Xol'ii/l'-'il Clirmlatru, 1, p. 489. tions containing only one kind of ion have not yet been prepared. By comparing the physiological properties of two solutions containing when will nexium become generic an ion in common, it is possible to obtain results which arc ajiproximately correct for the common ion, but which generic version of nexium may not be entirely correct because of the complications arising buy generic nexium through the presence of the other ions. /r. Is the pliysiological action of an ion preceded by a transfer of ionic charges? Among the many problems which have attracted the attention of investigators during recent years is the explanation of the physiological action of ions. That electrolytes exert specific effects which are in- dependent of their electrical what is the generic for nexium condition, and which may be referred to their chemical order nexium samples composition has

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