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dium atom, the 2 Nizoral transfer of electricity and its results become Nizoral 200 iiu cresting.*" I'l. The l>h\siolo!^icol action of an ion is lars;ely determined by its chemical pro(Hair Loss Nizoral ' Miillii'Wii. .imrtlmn Journal of Phu'loloim, x. p. .''17. I!104, '.Mntliowii, IMil.. X. p. 317. 1004, ii8 BERG: PROPERTIES OF IONS. Nizoral Buy is due to the transfer of electrons or electric charges to or from the colloidal particle forming living tis- sue, is there any need of minutely studying the con- stitution of matter, of ions and electrons? Was not the science of chemistry developed during a time when the structure of the atom and the nature of chemical affinity were unknown? This was entirely possible because until recently chemical theory in- volved no assumptions about the structure of the atom, etc. But when we are asked to believe that the physiological Nizoral 200mg properties of the barium atom, for example, consisting of over 96,000 electrons, are de- termined Ketoconazole Nizoral by the presence or absence of two of these, and the ease with which these two electrons separate themselves from those remaining, or that the physiological properties of the calcium atom, consisting of over 28.000 electrons, must be similar to those of barium, because both Nizoral 1 of these atoms be- come positively Nizoral 2 cliarged divalent ions by the loss of two electrons, a knowledge of the structure of an atom becomes very desirable. Physically and chemically the Oral Nizoral atoms of different elements are dif- ferent. In terms of the new theory of the constitu- tion of matter, these differences are accounted for by the differences in the numbers of electrons in an atom, and their relative positions and motions. Thus barium differs from calcium because an atom of the former consists of over Nizoral Hairloss 96,000 electrons, while an atom of the latter element consists of some 28,000 of them. The atomic weights of nickel and cobalt (58.7 and 59.0 respectively) are singularly close ; their atoms therefore differ by Nizoral Ketoconazole a Nizoral Hair Loss relatively small number of electrons, but they are nevertheless two distinct and separate elements. According to Mathews,*^ when a positively charged sodium ion approaches a negatively charged protoplasmic colloidal particle, an electron (or unit of negative electricity) passes from the particle to the ion, which becomes an electrically neutral sodium atom, the physiological effect of the sodium ion and its change to an atom occurring simultaneously or nearly so. Suppose another simi- lar colloidal particle to be acted on by an ion of cJEsium in a similar way. The two colloidal par- ticles are alike ; they have parted with equal elec- tric charges, but the ease with which the sodium ion (or system of 16,000 electrons) acquires this charge is different from the ease with which the caesium ion (or system of Nizoral Oral 93,000 electrons) acquires a similar charge, this difference being one of the factors which physiologically differentiate sodium from cKsium. Btit why should these two ions have different affinities for the same things? To us the answer is obvious. Because the first process occurs Nizoral Hair Growth in the presence of 16,000 electrons, the second process in tlie ijresence of 93,000, and this difference is part of the basis Nizoral Price of the difference in affinity for electric Nizoral Tablet charge. But according to Mathews this difference is of no consequence. The physiological action of these complicated systems, consisting of many thou- sands of moving parts, which are physically iden- tical, is determined, according to Mathews, not by the number and conditions of these parts, for 50,000 more or less makes no physiological differ- ence (although it docs make a physical and chemical one). ))Ut by the presence or Nizoral Tablets absence of a very few " Mathews, JblNizoral Hair is composed, it follows that the chemical nature of any ion is an important factor in its physiological action.

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