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We here assume that the electron theory is cor- rect, that the properties of an atom or an ion are determined by the number of electrons which con- stitute it, etc., Nortriptyline 10mg and that the action of an ion on a colloidal particle takes place in the manner described by Mathews. This Order Nortriptyline Online theory of physiological action may at some future time be confirmed, but at pres- ent, in our opinion, it is still very doubtful. I'll. The relation bctxveen solution tension and pliysiological action. Different ions (or charged atoms) have different affinities for charges of opposite signs. Thus the positive sodium ion has a weak affinity for a nega- tive charge. Its affinity for its positive charge is very strong (using the term positive charge in the old sense). It is said Nortriptyline 25 to have a high solution ten- sion. The SO^ ion has likewise a high solution ten- sion, because it does not readily part with its nega- tive charges. Atoms (or groups of atoms) which have a strong tendency to Nortriptyline Mg acquire and to retain elec- tric charges, and pass readily from the atomic to the ionic condition, are said to have high solution ten- sions, of which sodium and potassium are examples. Atoms (or groups of atoms) which have a strong tendency to pass from Nortriptyline 10 Mg the ionic to the atomic condi- tion, and to part with their electric charges, are said to have low solution tensions ; of which the heavy metals and halogens are examples. In order to bring an inorganic salt into intimate contact with the contents of a cell the salt must be in solution, and in general a part of the salt will ionize. According to Mathews's theory, it is the ion (and not the atom) which causes the physiological action, by acquiring or parting with an electric charge and passing into the atomic condition. It follows very naturally that those ions which undergo this Cheap Nortriptyline change readily or those having low solution t-^n- sions are most active physiologically, while those ions which do not pass into the atomic condition readily, i. e., those which have high solution ten- sions, are physiologically inert. Thus th^ lead ion is toxic, because it readily acquires two negative charges and becomes a lead atom ; it has a low solu- tion tension. The sodiuiu ion has a strong tendency to remain in the ionic condition ; it is relatively inert. .\ccording to the theory. the physiological action takes place during the change from the ionic to the atomic state, and the chemical nature of the atom is of little consequence. I'ut the atom so formed might in some cases combine -with something in the colloidal "AtoniH having n V!ili>nr known ; thcrcforo no known :i Nortriptyline 25 Mg tbnn clirlit clpctrons. IiIk'h'I' (linn olRlit nrc not n Mn Clin nc(|iilro or purl wKli in^ July 20, 1007.] KEXNEDY: PELVIC TUMORS I.V LITTLE GIRLS. 119 particle to form an insoluble compound, in other cases a soluble compound would be formed. The latter by ionizing would affect osmotic conditions and currents of water (or tissue fluid) would flow from regions of lower to regions of higher molecu- lar concentration, etc. The properties of the com- pound and the physicochemical reaction following- its formation would depend upon the kind of ion. The physiological action of the ion is thus condi- tioned (in part at least) by the series of physico- chemical events following the entrance of the re- cently formed atom into new combinations. Thus positive ion A reacts with negative ion B (a tissue constituent) to form C. \\'hat now happens will depend (partly) upon whether C is soluble or insoluble. If C is insoluble the physiological action of A and B might be referred to the presence of particles of C in the protoplasm which interfere mechanically with its Generic Nortriptyline normal activity ; to the tem- porary change in osmotic pressure, caused by the removal of ions A and B from solution : to the mi- gration of the other ions or molecules (nonelectro- lytes) to this place of lower osmotic pressure; to the heat of Buy Nortriptyline formation of C and subsequent changes in viscosity of the protoplasm, etc. If C is soluble its effect will depend upon whether C is an electro- lyte or nonelectrolyte. There are here the same possibilities Buy Nortriptyline Online of changes in osmotic conditions as are caused by changes in ionization, etc. These and similar changes of conditions Nortriptyline 25mg probably

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