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are the physicochemical basis of physiological action. But since these depend upon the chemical nature of the atom, we are not convinced, as Mathews^^ would have it, that the chemical composition of an ion is of no physiological importance. Is it reason- able to suppose that all of these changes take place during the Norvasc 5mg Price time that the ion changes to an atom ? Probably these changes proceed simultaneously both before and after the Buy Norvasc 5mg electrical exchange. Assuming that the relation between the solution tension of an ion and its physiological action as de- duced by Mathews is proved, is this relation an argument in Norvasc 50 Mg favor of the theory that it is the ion and its charge and not the atom Norvasc Cmi which is physiolog- ically active? This relation, if it be true at all, is true whether the physiological change is eft'ected by the physicochemical action of the atom (or group of atoms) or by the electrical action of the ion. As- sume that it is the chemical action of the atom, and not the electrical action of the ion, which effects physiological change. If the ions arc inactive, those having a strong affinity for their charges, or high solution tension, do not readily become active atoms and are inert. The reverse is true for ions of low solution tension. Norvasc Pi Obviously, a relation which is true, whether the ion or tiie atom is the active agent, cannot be used as an argument in Norvasc 2 Mg favor of •either. I'ond"" has recently conchided, from his study of solution tension as a factor Norvasc 5mg Generic Norvasc Patent in lipolysis, that Mat- hews's evidence in support of hjs view in this con- nection is insufficient. (To he coiicliidcil.) ■' Mnthow«. Amrticiin Journiil of I'IiiikIoIobii. xI, p. 240, 1001. "II I'nticl. Ainrrlran Jniirnnl of Phyniotooy, xlx, p. 258, 1007. PELVIC TUMORS IN LITTLE GIRLS. IVith Report of a Case* By James C. Kennedy, M. D., BrookhTi, N. Y., Visiting Surgeon to St. Marys and St. Catherine's Hospitals ; Consulting Surgeon to the Eastern District Hospital. The exanthematous inflammations, tuberculosis, and indeed in some rare Norvasc Other Names cases gonorrhoea, not ex- cluding cancer, are among some of the causative factors which predispose the child to pelvic disease, hence careful consideration given to the female sex- ual organs will well repay the medical adviser, when his diagnostic powers are now and again severelv taxed in solving the complex problems presented to him by an array of obscure abdominal symptoms in the child. It is well to remember in this connec- tion that the available avenue for digital examina- tion in little girls, when absolutely necessar\-, is by the rectum under Norvasc Canada the influence of an anaesthetic. In the treatises on the diseases of children, there is but little space devoted, as a rule, to juvenile pel- vic disease in girls; while the textbooks on gvnse- cology treat largely of diseases of the ovaries' and tubes, including the various abdominal tumors in the adult. The interest which attaches to abdominal tumors in children is shown principally in the scattered cases reported in the medical journals by individ- ual observers. This fact, together with the com- parative Norvasc 7 Mg infrequency with which ovarian tumors occur Cheap Norvasc Online in little girls, offers sufficient excuse for the publication of my own case. In a list of one thousand ovariotomies reported bv Sir Spencer Wells, but three operations on children are recorded. Commenting on this. Dr. Howard Kelly endeavors to show by it the relative frequencv of ovarian tumors in child and adult life, the fact remaining that children Norvasc Logo are not so readily brought to the operating table as adults. Dr. Marion Sims mentions a successful removal of a multilocular ovarian cyst from a patient, eleven and a half vears old, the tumor weighing sixty-one pounds, the pa- tient seventy-nine pounds. Dr. Boldt has operated upon a patient, four years old, for ovarian tumor. The late Dr. Thomas, of New York, removed an ovarian tumor from a little girl, twelve years old, weighing sixteen pounds. In this case a tumor equally large develojied in the other ovary later on. Generic Norvasc Price and before she coukl be operated upon, it burst, and she died suildenly. Tumors of this character are met with in children of a still more tentler age, but it is unnecessary to mention them here. The little patient whom I present is Norvasc Coupons the Norvasc 7.5 Mg youngest I have operated upon for tumor of the annexa. Norvasc Coupon In Eiecember of last year, this child of slender build, scarcely eleven Generic Norvasc 10mg \ears of age, was Norvasc 100 Mg compelled to leave lier school room because of sudtlen and intense ab- dominal pain. Home remedies were applied to no avail, the family physician was called the following day, he discovered the tumor and sent her into my

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