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deepest mourning and brooded constantly over her troubles, and considered that she had lived her life and there was nothing left for Felodipine Er her in the future. I isolated her and put her to bed. For three weeks I worked over her an hour or more each day, with- out seemingly making any impression. I went over the same ground day after day, week after week. She seemed absolutely lacking in will power. I was continually met by the reply : " If it depends upon my effort to get out of this condition, I never can do it. It is absolutely impossible." Yet at the begin- ning of the fourth week she began to improve. She eagerly read the books I gave her, and began to take an interest in the future. The pressure in the head, she had complained of so bitterly, began to disap- pear, as did the other Buy Plendil functional disturbances. She made up her mind to get well, and made her plans for the future. The rest was easy. She went home at the end of the si.xth week a happy, well woman, convinced that her troubles were mental. She had gained her self control and her mind was for the first time in her hfe master Generic Plendil of her body. In conclusion I wish to call attention to the Felodipine 5 Mg great interest the people in general are taking in psycho- therapeutics. One little realizes until he begins th'.- investigation how many creeds and cults Plendil Online are being given Order Plendil Online out bv more or less unscrupulous people, or the great number of their following. Healers, many from the more or less ignorant classes, abound everywhere. They are all busy, especially with the neurotics. There is such a demand for their Felodipine 5mg literature that several large publishing houses have sprung up to furnish the supply. In the larger cities the physicians are beginning to keenly feel the result. What has brought this about more than any- thing else is the blind tenacity with which the pro- fession has ignored the psychical and clung to the materialistic side of treatment. Unless they wake up to this fact and learn to give their patients ra- Plendil Tablets tional Plendil Price scientific psychic treatment at the same time with the physical, the treatment of the psycho- neurotic will pass very quickly from the educated, well equipped physician into Cheap Plendil the hands of the char- latan and to the so called mental healers. THE TREATMEXT OF ACUTE GENERAL PERI- TONITIS. By George Chandler, M. D., Kingston, N. Y. In a district where there are small out lying towns, a surgeon sees a number of cases of acute general peritonitis vyhich have reached an extreme condition owing to the time elapsing between noti- fying the doctor and his arrival at the patient's bed- side. The writer has seen a Order Plendil numl)er of such patients, and the mortality has formerly been great, but dur- ing the last eight months he has operated in thir- teen such cases with but one death. The results have been so gratifying and the change so radical that the method followed may be of interest. 'Ihe treatment is the result of reading Dr. John V,. Murijhy's paper on the subject, but will) some modifications as the growth of personal experience. It is as follows : 1. Use ether anaesthesia in all cases. The patient is prepared after anaesthesia. The one great secret of success lies in speed. The operation must be done quickly. 2. Always make a median incision, no matter what the condition. Felodipine 10 Mg Handle the intestines gently while finding the lesion. If gas escapes, a perfora- tion is present. When little or no odor is present, Buy Plendil Online the lesion is high up in the gastrointestinal tract, as ulcer of stomach or duodenum. Plendil Mg If a foul odor is present, the lesion is low down and is usually the appendix. Where lymph Buy Cheap Plendil is present in the intestines there usually Amlodipine Felodipine is found the Purchase Plendil lesion. After finding this, repair quickly or remove diseased appendix. 3. Do not wash out the abdomen under any con- ditions. 4. At the lower angle of the median incision ex- tending to the very lowest point in the pelvis place a large rubber drainage tube three quarters of an inch in diameter. Make the holes in the tube small ^0 that the intestines cannot be caught in these holes. Always put a wick of gauze through this tube from the Felodipine Amlodipine bottom of the cavity to the gauze on the outside of the abdomen. This is very essential. If neces- sary make multiple drains by puncture wounds in the flanks, over kidney region or wherever neces- sary. Make too many rather than too few, but be sure and divide the muscle and do not cut the fibres, also avoid nerves. Through these puncture wounds small split rubber drainage tubes are placed with gauze in the lumen as a wick. 5. The head of the bed should be elevated at least Felodipine Tablets

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