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placed on the afTected area and covered with buy premarin online a dry piece of cotton and a roller bandage. It is impor- tant that no impermeable dressing be used which would prevent evaporation, and would lead to maceration of the epidermis. This dressing is only to be renewed after three or four days. It should be removed dry, and generally it comes away very easily. The alcoholic solution is ten per cent., the ethereal buy cheap premarin solution is five per cent. They may be em- ployed in place of the aqueous, but they are a premarin cost little more painful at the moment of application, but have generic conjugated estrogens the advantage of drying rapidly. They may be painted on the surface, and therefore are more use- ful in zona aflfecting the neck or face. Picric acid in the form of dusting powder or ointment should order premarin not be used. The former is liable to be absorbed and produce poisoning: the latter is keratolytic and causes solution of the epidermic cells. Treatment of Serpent Ulcer of the Cornea with Mercury Cyanide. — H. W. Woodruff, of Joliet, 111., reports the successful treatment of a case of serpent ulcer, and calls attention to the points which he regards cheap premarin as most important in the management of these cases. A recent ulcus serpens appears as a grayish white or yellowish disk, which occupies nearly the centre of the cornea. The opacity of the disk is greater at the edges than in the centre, and generally the edges show a particularly well marked gray or yellow opacity in one special direction. The disk is surrounded by a delicate, gray area, and fre- quently fine, radiating gray striae extend from the margin of the disk into the transparent part' of the cornea. The rest of the cornea is cloudy. There is usually violent iritis and hypopyon. The iris is discolored, and may be fastened by pos- terior synechia to the lens capsule. Irritative symp- toms, with injection of the conjunctival and ciliary vessels, arc usually present, and there is often a high degree of pain and photophobia. " The im- portant features of the lesion are the disk buy conjugated estrogens like form purchase premarin and central situation buy premarin of the opacity, the more pro- nounced opacity of the margin in comparison with the centre, order premarin online the character of the corneal surface, which at the site of the ulcus serpens shows only a shallow depression, and finally the early hypopyon and iritis" fFuchs). This form of cornea ulcer is now known to be due to 'nfectio.i with the pneumo- :occus, following z aiight wound or abrasion of the .ornea. Other pus producing organisms may cause tilcer and hypopyon, Init the condition is said to be typical serpiginous ulcer only when the pneumococ- cus (l-'rankcl-Weichselbaum) is j)resent. Immuni- zation has been produced in animals by Romcr, but it is too late to attempt to protect from pncumococ- cus infection when the patient comes under treat- ment for the ulcer. If the patient is seen early, bc- for hypopyon formation, good results may be ob- tained by simple means, if faithfully carried out. Rest in a darkened room premarin mg with a light dressing over the eye, and local rest to the eye secured by the use of atropine to " put the eye in splints," are the first steps. The eye should be cleansed with weak boric acid solution hourly, or half hourly. The washing should be especially directed to the ulcer itself ; the gentle stream from a pipette or purchase premarin online irrigator will best accomplish this. In the intervals, the eye may have applications of moist heat by cloths, wrung out of boric acid solution and covered with rubber cloth to retain the heat. buy conjugated estrogens online If more radical treatment is de- manded, the galvanocautery is a great aid in the destruction of the local infection, and produces its greatest effect if used early, before the infection is deeply seated. It is preferred above any of the ordi- nary chemical caustics. With regard to the hypo- pyon, frequent examination should be made, and premarin price if in twenty-four or forty-eight hours of the stated treatment an increase in the hypopyon is noticed, generic premarin the author advises that an injection of mercury cyanide should be made, as follows: The conjunctiva is first anaesthetized by three or four instillations of a 4 per cent, cocaine solution. Then eight minims of a solution of mercury cyanide (i to 1,000) with four minims of 4 per cerjt. cocaine added, are injected under the external conjunctival cul-de-sac, with the hypodermic syringe. When the needle comes in contact with the external wall of the orbit, the point should be turned slightly inward so that the injec- tion is more than subconjunctival. The swelling and oedema which follow are premarin tablets quite severe, but this is beneficial. He has used these premarin online injections m thirty patients, without witnessing bad result. Thev were used from one to sixteen times in individual cases, and from twice in twenty-four hours to every alternate day. Their beneficial effects are shown by the rapid cessation of hypopyon formation. This is not meant as an exclusive treatment, but to be used in addi- tion to the other treatment, as it greatly stimulates phagocytosis. The antiseptic property of the salt may also come into play, as experiment shows the presence of mercury in the anterior 'chamber. after its use in this way. In one case cited, that of a nine year old boy, pneumococcus infection was shown by the microscope, and the anterior chamber was half filled with pus; but only three injections were used, in as many days, before the hypopyon disappeared. Although complicated with purulent dacrocystitis, the ulcer healed, and the hypopyon cleared up, even

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