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the organism by excessive activity of the suprarenal 128 NEIVS ITEMS. glands. If for any reason tlie pancreatic secretion should become insufficient to accomplish this duty, the symptoms of diabetes would appear. The hypo- thesis receives some support from the fact that pan- creatic feeding has already been productive of good Cheap Protonix results in diabetes. The explanation certainly is novel and ingenious and deserves consideration, even if applicable only to a special or very limited group of cases. At the same time, the objection Purchase Pantoprazole Online may be raised that in Addison's disease the neces- sary failure of function resulting from atrophy, de- generation, or other disease Order Protonix of the pancreas, does not result in glycosuria, as it should if Purchase Pantoprazole this Buy Protonix Online view were correct; nor, on Buy Pantoprazole the other hand, Buy Cheap Pantoprazole do we dis- cover in diabetics the high tension, the bradycardia, and the nervous phenomena which should attend the pi'esence in the blood of excess of secretion by the suprarenals. Hctus Itfms. The Medicochirurgical Hospital, Philadelphia, is plan- ning to add three stories to one of its new buildings. The Philadelphia Nurses who served in Japan during the Russo-Japanese war received medals from Order Pantoprazole the Emperor of Japan on July 3rd. The Death of Sir William Henry Perkin, the discoverer of aniline dyes, occurred in London on July 14th, at the age of sixty-nine years. Charitable Generic Pantoprazole Bequests — By the will of Edwin C. Weaver, the Children's Aid Society, Philadelphia, receives $1,000 and the Northern Home for Friendless Children receives an Cheap Pantoprazole equal sum. Philadelphia Personals — Dr. Stella R. Lehr, of Berkeley, Cal., and Dr. William S. Howard, of Trinidad, Colo., are registered at the Philadelphia Polyclinic and College for Graduates in Medicine. The Richmond, Va., Academy of Medicine and Surgery. — The programme arranged for a Pantoprazole Online meeting of this academy, held on Tuesday evening, July 9th, included a paper en- titled Chronic Disease of the Tonsils, bv Dr. C. M. Miller; discussion led by Dr. R. H. Wright. The Delaware State Pharmaceutical Board has elected the following officers : President, Dr. Willard E. Smith, of Wilmington ; vice-president, Dr. W. F. Haines, of Seaford ; secretary and treasurer, Mr. Buy Protonix Oscar C. Draper, of Wilming- ton. The St. Louis Medical Review Ceases as a Weekly In the issue of this publication for July 6. 1907, it is edi- torially announced that the weekly publication of the 7?^- view ceases Order Pantoprazole Online with that issue, but that it will continue hence- forth in a new series as a monthly Protonix Mg publication. The Northern Tri State Medical Association, comprising the States of Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio, held its annual meeting recently, at Detroit, and elected the following rf- ficers: President, Dr. A. E. Bulson, Fort Wayne, Tnd. ; vice-president. Dr. W. A. Dickey, Toledo, Ohio ; treasurer. Dr. J. A. Weltz, Montpelier, Ohio; secretary. Dr. W. F. Shumakcr, Butler, Ind. The Iowa and Illinois Central District Medical Associa- ttoU' — The programme for the aimual meeting of this asso- ciation, held at Davenport, Iowa, on Friday, July nth, in- cluded: The president's address, by Dr. W. H. Lndcwig; a memorial of Dr. Crawford, by Dr. W. C. Allen; and the Buy Pantoprazole Online report of a case of ovarian pregnancy with operation, by Dr. S. Purchase Protonix B. Hall, of Rock Island, 111. The Floating Hospital of St. John's Guild made its first trip of the season on July 8th. It started down the bay willi nearly 600 patients. At the Seaside Hospital at New Dorp many of the patients were transferred, to remain as lontt as may be necessary. The hospital will make daily trips, stopping for patients at the foot of West Fiftieth Street, West Thirty-fifth Street, and West Tenth Street ( Manhattan). The Insane Department of the Philadelphia Hospital sent thirty-three men suffering from mild forms of insanity to the newly acquired farm land on the 5th of July. It is the intention of the physicians in charge of the department to have the men do light farm work during the summer.

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