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measles, 18 cases, no provera online deaths : whooping cough, 9 cases, 8 deaths ; pulmonary- tuberculosis, 23 cases. 13 deaths. The total deaths for the week were 154, corresponding to an annua! provera cost death rate of buy medroxyprogesterone online 24.89 in a thousand population. The Medical Society of the County of Dutchess, N. T, — The quarterly meeting of this societj- was held on July loth, igo/, at order medroxyprogesterone the Hudson River State Hospital. Poughkeepsie, under the presidency of Dr. D. H. ilacKenzie, of Mill- brook. Dr. Charles E. Nammack. of New York, president of the First District Branch of the Medical Society of the State of Xew purchase provera online York, spoke on the necessity for better or- ganization of the profession and outlined the advantages of the provera mg present plan of county. State, and National associa- tions. Papers were read by Dr. Charles W. Pilgrim, superintendent of the Hudson River State Hospital, on The Commitment of the Insane ; by Dr. Frederick W. Parsons, on Anxiety Depressions, with presentation of illustrative cases ; by Dr. Clinton cheap provera J. Hyde, on The Improper Commit- ments of Alcoholics to Insane Hospitals ; generic provera and by Dr. Isham G. Harris, on Training Schools in State Hospitals. These papers were discussed by Dr. Borst. Dr. Cotter, Dr. Mann, Dr. Nammack, and others. order provera The Lake Keuka Medical and Surgical Association will hold a meeting at Grove Springs. Keuka Lake, on July 25 and 26, 1 907. The following programme has been arranged for this meeting : The County Laboratory Work, by Dr. H. I. Davenport, Canandaigua; County Laboratories and Their Uses, by Dr. O. J. Hollenbeck, purchase medroxyprogesterone Canandaigua provera price ; Treatment of Diphtheria, by Dr. G. D. Barrett, Clyde: Report of Diph- theria Epidemic Due to Infected Milk, by Dr. G. H. Witter, Wellsville : Kidney Stone, by Dr. R. C. McLennan. Syra- cuse ; Goitre, by Dr. A. L. Beahan. Canandaigua ; Ruptured Puss Tubes, by Dr. E. C. Mann, Buffalo : Mimicry in Dis- ease, by Dr. A. D. Lake, Gowanda ; Tetanv. with Report of Cases, by Dr. C. order provera online W. M. Brown, Elmira ; What Is the Place for Medical Treatment in Pyloric Obstruction? by Dr. Charles G. Stockton, Buffalo: Recurrent Empyema, by Dr. J. H. Pryor, Buffalo ; Early Diagnosis of Tuberculosis, by Dr. John Conway, Rexville ; .Arteriosclerosis, by" Dr. H. C. Buswell, Buffalo; Syphilis of the Nervous System, and New Treatment of buy provera the Same, by Dr. Floyd S. Crego, Buf- falo; Intraabdominal Thrombophlebitis, by Dr. Ross G. Loop, Elmira ; Psoas Abscess, by Dr. Charles G. R. Jen- nings, Elmira ; Cocaine in Surgery, by Dr. Alexander Lyle, New York city; Errors in Diagnosis of .Appcndicits, buy cheap provera by Dr. Qiarlcs E. Thompson Scranton, Pa. : The Therapeutic Value of Diversion, by provera tablets Dr. C. Y. Ford, Dansville ; Radical Operation for Mastoid Disease, by Dr. John F. Fairbairn, Buffalo. The officers of the association are : President, Dr. J. E. Walker, Hornell ; vice-president. Dr. F. R. Dries- bach, Dansville; secretary and treasurer. Dr. H. B. Nichols, Pultency. Infectious Diseases In New York: fFf arc indebted to the Buiwiu of Records of the Health Department for the fnlloxciiig buy cheap medroxyprogesterone statement of neiL' cases and deaths reported for the ttuo iveeks ending July 13, 1907: , .Iul.v 13. V , July 0. , CaRon. DentbR. Cases. Deaths. Tvi.h.iM fovor 40 I'J .SS 7 S11111II1..H . . 1 Vnrl.-.llii 37 70 Mcnxlis buy provera online ,'«14 ;2I> Hid 34 S.-nrl.t fr 274 1.'. :m.S 2fl Wliii.MiInK cniiell :ir. .'1 IS 8 KIphllL-rla 301 :11 .'rjil 30 'I'lilirculiiKls pulmnnnlls 4i:i purchase provera 170 :ir.' 130 CiToliroKplnnl mpnInKltlR. . 1 . . . . 10 14 11 TotiilR l.OnO 271 1 TOO 20H The Health buy medroxyprogesterone of Philadelphia, — During the week ending July 6, 1907, the following cases of transmissible diseases were reported to the Bureau of Health : Cases. Deaths. Typhoid fever 62 12 Scarlet fever 2S Chickenpox 25 Diphtheria 42 6 Cerebrospinal meningitis 7 2 Measles 48 3 I Whooping cough 42 2 Tuberculosis of the lungs 72 54 Pneumonia 36 31

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