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nocturnal paralysis, a rather rare case. He concludes that psychoanalytic methods yield the following inter- esting data concerning the attacks: They began about three months after the death of the patient's child, who died on a Monday afternoon under distressing circum- stances. This acted as a strong emotional shock. Al- though the child had been ill for three weeks with pneumonia, yet his sudden death was unexpected. On this particular Monday afternoon the patient was alone and was holding the child in renova prices her lap. He suddenly reached the arms above the head, showed a general tremor, buy renova cream then became rigid and immediately expired. The position assumed by renova purchase the patient in her nocturnal paralytic attacks exactly resembled that taken by her child buy renova at the time of his sudden death, and the worse purchase renova online attacks always occurred on Monday, the day of the week on which the child died. The author observes that the order renova coincidence is too pertinent and marked to be called accidental, and it cheap renova seems, therefore, that we are probably dealing with a recurrent mental state orig- inating in a sudden and distressing emotional shock. The treatment renova cost consisted of making suggestions applied by means of a fictitious magnet (tuning fork) and directed toward a complete cessation of the attacks. This was given three times discount renova a week, and during the first month only seven attacks of palsy took price of renova place, whereas previous to treatment they had occurred every night. These attacks, too, were much lighter ; she was able to come out renova uk of each voluntarily and to move the paralyzed limbs. As there have been no attacks since, a period of several months, it can be safely assumed that the patient has entirely recovered. THE JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN renova cream MEDICAL AS^^OCIATION July ij, igoy. 1. Deformities of the Vulva from Early and Late Indur- ating CEdema, By Robert W. Taylor. 2. The Relations of the Dental ' Arches to Pathological Affections of the Nasopharynx and Adjacent Parts, By E. A. BoGUE. 3. Ligation of the Common Carotid Artery for Malignant Recurrent Haemorrhage of the Vitreous, By George S. Derby. 4. Metastatic Conjunctivitis in Gonorrhoea, By J.^MES J. Carroll. 5. Treatment of Lachrymal Obstruction. By Mark D. Stevenson. 6. The Treatment of Strabismus in Young Children, By Alfred Rufus Baker. 7. Technics of Appendectomy, By John A. W\'eth. 8. Gallduct Obstruction renova online Caused by Movable Kidney, By Martin B. Tinker. 9. Abdominal Symptoms of Thoracic Disease, By Allen renova canada A. Jones. 10. The Acid Intoxication Theory, By Otto Folin. 11. buy renova online Acute Spermatocystitis, By A. Nelken. 12. A Method of Performing Tenotomy Which Enables where can i buy renova the Operator to Limit the Effect as Required. By Frank C. Todd. 13. Cutaneous Tuberculosis, By J. Frank Wallis. 14. Technics of the Operation for the Removal of the Middle Turbinate, By George L. Richards. 15. How May renova price Our Present Methods of Medical Illustra- tions Be Improved, By Max Brodel. 16. Operation for Exstrophy of the Bladder, By John T. Bottomley. renova coupon 17. The .5itiology and Recent Treatment of Hay Fever, By H. HoLBROOK Curtis. 1. Deformities of the Vulva from Early and Late Indurating (Edema. — Robert W. Taylor describes these deformities as follows: Indurating oedema is in many cases a complication of the initial hard chancre, and then is an early lesion; but it may cost of renova develop, owing to various causes, at later periods. It is always an ex- pression, however, of the continued activity of the syphilitic diathesis. In some exceptional cases the

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