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tion, friability, and adherence can be learned, as well as the serosity from the Malpighian bodies, sometimes vesticulation with or without admixture of blood. The aspect of the derma, more or less brightly red. as it lies bare, deprived of epithelium, is likewise to be ob- served. In certain cases purpura is easily induced by two or three scratches, and if the scratching is contin- Buy Sildalis ued a true haemorrhage may be produced. In psoriasis a haemorrhage may be readily developed, and finally the sensibilit\' of the patient to this little operation may be greater or less, according to the case. He gives a considerably long list of diseases in which this means of diagnosis has proved of value. MUENCHENER MEDIZINISCHE WOCHENSCHRIFT. June iS, 1907. 1. The Practice of Operations on the Placenta, By Sellheim. 2. Concerning the Pharmacological Behavior of Oxybenzyl- tannin. By Hildebrandt. ,3. Practical Experience with Oxybenzyltannin (Tanno- thymal). By B.\umg.\rten. 4. The Relations of the Medulla Oblongata to the Pupils. By B.\CH. 5. Concerning Massage by Rhythmic Pressure (Accord- ing to Professor Cederschioeld) and Its Use in the After Treatment of Operations on the Intraabdomi- nal Organs, By Schmidt. 6. Congenital Functional Defects in the Region of the Cranial Motor Nerves, By Neurath. 7. Contributions to the Subject of Scopolamine Anaesthesia in Obstetrics, By Holzbach. 8. More Cases of Scleroderma Treated with Mesenteric Glands, By Schwerdt. 9. Heredity of Strabismus, By Von Sicherer. 10. Concerning a Case of Fat Embolism of the Brain As- sociated with Tetanus. By J.\hxe and Schmidt. 11. A New Fermentation Tube for the Demonstration of Sugar in the Urine and a Simple Sterilizable Safety Pipette, By Schumm. 12. A New Stomach Sound for X Ray Work, By Gross. 13. Does the Injection of Stovaine Into the Lumbar Sac Influence the Motor Functions of tlie Intestines? By Pexkert. 14. Reply to B. Fischer's Criticism of My Article on the Cause of Cancer and of Tumors in General. By Spude. 15. Concerning Typhoid and Sepsis of the Colon and Con- ci-rning Typhoid as an Endotoxine Disease (Con- clu'led). By Stadelmann and Woi.f-Eisxer. 16. Giorgio Baglivi, By Sudhoff. 3. Practical Experience with Oxybenzyltannin. — Baumgarten reports three cases in which he controlled an obslinate
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