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faults of development. 7. Scopolamine Anaesthesia in Obstetrics. — Holz- bach discusses the disadvantages to be met with in the use of scopolamine anaesthesia during labor with par- ticular reference to the effect of the drug on the child during and after the birth. He states that the drug is excreted by the mother for some buy cheap singulair days after the labor not only order singulair in the urine but singulair price also in the milk and the colos- trum in a small demonstrable quantity. 8. Scleroderma. — Schwerdt reported in 1905 a case of circumscribed scleroderma which he had successful- ly treated with the mesenteric glands of the sheep. In the present number he reports six additional cases treated in the same manner. 9. Heredity of Strabismus. — Von Sicherer reports a family in which strabismus has been present in four successive generations. 10. Fat Embolism of the montelukast price Brain Associated with Tetanus. — Jahne and Schmidt report the clinical levocetirizine montelukast course and the anatomical findings on autopsy in a case of this nature. LA RIFORMA MEDICA montelukast sodium tablets May 18, 1907. 1. The Diagnostic Value of the Pharyngeal Reflex, purchase singulair online By L. GUERRA-COPPIOLI. 2. Hepatic Sclerosis of Tuberculous Origin in Infants. By L. M. buy singulair Spol\-erixi. 3. Experimental Researches with Suture of the Vas De- ferens, By Ugo Dall' Acqua. 1. The Pharyngeal Reflex. — Guerra-Coppioli calls attention to buy singulair online the value of the pharyngeal reflex in diag- nosis of various diseases. This reflex is absent, not only in hysteria, but also in other functional diseases, such as epilepsy and neurasthenia, as well as in some organic diseases, such as progressive paralysis, hemi- plegia, and in tumors of the brain. The reflex is also absent in a considerable percentage of persons com- pletely free from nervous disease. In hysteria montelukast tablet it is not always absent. According to the average figures order singulair online of various authors the reflex is absent in only 60 per cent, of cases of hysteria. The conclusion from this study is that the value of the pharyngeal reflex in diagnosis is very slight, and that its absence, far from being a pathognomonic sign of hysteria, can only ac- quire importance when accompanied singulair mg by other signs of an undisputaMe value. 2. Tuberculous Sclerosis of the Liver in Infants. — Spolverini reports some cases of sclerotic liver in in- fants in which the process was due singulair tablets to tuberculosis. Hutinel was the first to speak of this special clinical form of sclerosis and named it cardiotiiberculous sclerosis of the liver. The primary lesion, according to Hutinel. is a tuberculous pericarditis, which is ac- companied by hepatic changes which ultimately lead to hepatic insufficiency. There arc. however, cases in wtfich no cardiac lesions are present, while the liver is the seat of tuberculous sclerosis. A case of this kind is reported by the present author. The patient, a little girl, six years of age, presented prominence of the upper part of the abdomen, and on percussion the liver was found enlarged, painful, and hard, with a knobby surface and an irregular border. On adtninistering 40 grammes of glucose the latter was foinul in the urine four hours later. Smaller doses, however, tlid not show in the urine. Under treatment with guiacol and other antituberculous remedies the child improved markedly, and the liver gradually diminished in size. The origin of the sclerosis was tuberculous, in all probability, as the tuberculin test gave a positive reaction, cheap singulair as she also presented the physical signs of enlarged peribronchial Ivnuih nodes, and as the antituberculous treatment had 136 singulair cost PITH OF CURRENT LITERATURE. given such good results. The second purchase singulair case generic singulair reported was a boy, six years of age, with a very large liver occupying nearly the entire abdomen. This patient died of exhaustion and under the marked symptoms of hepatic failure. At autopsy the case was found to be one of the cardiac hepatic type. 3. Suture montelukast tablets of the Vas Deferens. — Dall' Acqua experi- mented with various methods of suturing the vas de- ferens with a view of determining how much could be done in this direction in cases of injuries of this struc- ture. He tried end to end suturing, lateral implanta- tion, suturing with and without sustaining sutures of catgut, of silk, and of silver. He found that the best method singulair online was suturing by means of catgut No. 00 com- bined with a union of the connective tissue of the

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