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duct. This method furnishes the best functional re- sult. The spontaneous Slimfast Cost union of the stumps of the vas was possible even after complete transverse division, provided the satellite vessels of the vas had not been severed. The testes of the animals operated on did not show marked changes even Buy Cheap Slimfast when union afterwards failed. The union of the vas at best is rather uncer- tain, and in operations in the neighborhood of this structure surgeons should use great caution lest they injure the duct. May 25, 1907. 1. Contribution to the Study Slimfast Canada of Traumatic Amyotrophy {To he continued). By L. Ferranini. 2. The Treatment of Cutaneous Epithelioma by Means of an Arsenical Mixture, By Alberto Serra. 3. Large Colloid Lipoma, By Alcide Laffranchi. 2. Epithelioma of the Skin Treated with Arsenical Solution. — The case reported by Serra was treated with the method recommended by Cerny and Trunecek. It consists in carefully cleaning Order Slimfast Online the neoplasm, so that its surface Slimfast 123 Plan bleeds ."^lightly. A solution of powdered ar- senious acid, i gramme, in alcohol and water, of each 75 grammes, is then applied with a brush and allowed to evaporate, leaving the lesion open without any dress- ing. The pain, which is acute, passes after ten or fifteen minutes. On the following day a second appli- cation is made upon Slimfast Cheap the yellowish Purchase Slimfast crust, and the medi- cation is repeated daily, the eschar being allowed Slimfast Tablets to fall spontaneously. As the eschar Purchase Slimfast Online gets thicker, it Slimfast Price may be necessary to use a stronger caustic, and the follow- ing mi-xture may be applied: Powdered arsenious acid, I gramme ; alcohol and distilled water, of each 40 grammes. After ten or fifteen applications the eschar becomes dark brown, almost black, becomes detached at its borders, and finally falls ofif. The surface of the neoplasm is then again touched with the arsenical solu- tion, and the yellowish crust again appears. Cheap Slimfast Products This goes on until the entire growth is destroyed. Pasini, in 1904, reported excellent results Slimfast Snack Bars with a treatment based upon this method, Slimfast 123 declaring that a solution of i part of arsenic to 150 of water was quite sufficient to pro- duce a destruction of cancerous tissue. The present author reports four cases, in all of which small bits of tissue were removed for diagnosis and found cancer- ous. In all of them excellent results were obtained with this treatment. The solution used was a The Slimfast Diet modi- fication of that described by Cerny and Trunecek. ■ In- stead of using water and alcohol as a solvent, alcohol and ether were used. The advantage of this is that it is borne much better by patients and does not produce any severe burning sensation. ROUSSKY VR4TCH. May 19, 1907. 1. Peculiar Anomaly of the Gluteus Maximus, By M. M. KOUZNETSOFF. 2. Contracture of the Knee in Flexion in Meningitis {Con- tinued), By V. M. Kernic. 3. Mental Disease as a Result of Recent Political Condi- tions in Russia. By F. E. Rybakoff. 4. On the Technique of Spinal Anaesthesia, By V. N. Tomachevsky. 5. Two Cases of Cjesarian Section with Favorable Results, By I. A. Eoff. 6. Methods of Testing Drinking Water According to Petruschky Slimfast Australia and Push, and to Eijkmann, By K. E. DOBROVOLSKI. 7. The Treatment of Scarlet Fever with Palmirski's Serum Slimfast Meals {Concluded), By L. O. Finkelstein and N. L. Tschzhnakoff. 3. Mental Disease and Political Disturbances. — Rybakoff studied a considerable number of cases of mental disease which were undoubtedly connected with current political disturbances in Russia. Thirteen of these cases he reported in a previous article. He notes that persons who took a passive part in the present un- settled conditions were much more frequently affected than those who were actively involved. Some were affected because they had been accidentally witnesses of outrages, others because they were seized with fear of the riots. Still others because they were frightened by the bombardment of the city. The type of disease Order Slimfast chiefly observed was the depressive paranoia; in rare cases the affection became maniacal. In nearly all cases Buy Slimfast Online the hallucinations were directly connected with Slimfast Shaker

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