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the political events. The chief delusions are of per- secution and of fear of being beaten, killed, etc. 4. Technique of Spinal Anaesthesia. — Tomachevsky says that it is important in employing this 'method to inject the same amount of anjesthetic solution as avanafil online the amount of spinal fluid previously removed. In order to facilitate this he devised a special syringe which al- lows the operator to measure accurately the amount of spinal fluid removed, and enables him also to employ this avanafil cost fluid as a vehicle for the dilution of the anass- thetic. The apparatus consists of an ordinary trocar, purchase stendra at the distal end of which is a metallic tube provided with a stop cock. The syringe is attached by means of a T joint at right angles to the head of the trocar. The trocar is introduced into the spinal canal generic stendra in the usual way, and when stendra cost the connecting stop cock is opened the fluid is allowed to flow into the barrel of the syringe, which is avanafil 50 mg graduated. When the desired amount of generic avanafil fluid has been removed stendra price the stop cock connecting the syringe is closed and the buy stendra online same amount of anaes- thetic solution is injected directly through the trocar. If it is desired to use where to buy avanafil/extendra the spinal fluid for the purpose order stendra of diluting the anaesthetic the needed amount of dry purchase stendra online and sterile anjesthetic is weighed and is placed cheap stendra in the barrel of the syringe, and the buy stendra desired amount of spinal fluid is allowed to enter the barrel. The syringe is then disconnected from the trocar, its contents shaken so that the anassthetic avanafil de 100 mg dissolves and is then injected through the trocar v/ithout being removed from the syringe. 7. Palmirski's Scarlet Fever Serum. — After trying Palmirski's serum against scarlet fever in forty-five patients Finkelstein and Tschzhnakoff conclude that the remedy does not lower the temperature in complicated cases of scarlet fever; that it does not prevent the oc- currence of complications, and that it has no specific effect upon the nervous system, the heart's action, or the local lesions. May 26, 1907. 1. Contracture of stendra online the Knee in Flexion in Meningitis {Con- cluded), _ By V. M. Kernig. 2. The Treatment of Chancroid Bubo witli Bier's Method, By M. A. Tnu.ENOFF. 3. Plans and Methods for a Systematic Study of Russian Watering Places for the Treatment of Nervous stendra tablets Dis- eases, By B. S. HEniKNUERO. .}. MciUal Disease in Cnnnection with Current Political Events, By A, S. Sholomovitch, 5. Tlie Influence of Sterilized Food Upon the Flora of the Intestine, By G. G. Bei-onovski. 6. I'lie Respiratory Mobility of the Lungs and the Theory Jul; 20, 1907.] PITH OF CURRENT LITERATURE. 137 of Physiological Compensation in Chronic Tubercu- losis of the Lungs {To he continued). By A. M. RuBEL. 7. Medical Report of the St. Petersburg Municipal Lying- in Asylums for 1905 {Continued), By L. A. Kryvski. 2. Bier's Method for Buboes. — Tchlenofif found Bier's method very satisfactory cheap avanafil in the treatment of chancroid buboes. Of twenty-six patients, twenty-one were cured, but in five unfavorable results were ob- tained. In two of the latter the incision was infected with chancroid virus, in one the bubo suppurated, and in two the affection assumed a " strumous " character. Of the twenty-one favorable cases some patients took a considerable time before the bubo was cured, be- cause either several glands had been affected simul- taneously, or because in these the incision was made more extensive than was afterwards found to be neces- sary. In general, the results do not show that the method of Bier lessens the time necessary for the cure of bubo resulting from soft chancre. The chief ad- vantages of the method are that it preserves the glan- avanafil de 200 mg dular tissue, that it is very pleasant for the patient, and that it avoids the need of leaving permanent scars in the groins where such scars may be very conspic- uous. The technique of the method was as follows: For obtaining artificial hypersemia in buboes special cups of the type devised by Klapp were employed.

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