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3. Mongolian Pigment Spots of Earliest Infancy and Childhood. — Brenneman observes that in newborn infants in the dark skinned races there are irregular areas of bluish pigmentation in the sacral and sacro- gluteal regions, which contrasts strongly with the gen- eral color of the body. In Japanese children it is al- most constant and many extend into the lundjar region, also to the skin over the shoulders and the extensor surface of the extremities. It gradually fades away and generic stromectol in a few years disappears entirely. In Chinese children the color is bluish gray, .\daclii studied the subject stromectol purchase very thoroughly, both in man and in monkeys, and found pigment buy cheap ivermectin both in the epiilermis and the cnrium. varying in quantity in dilTerent races and in- dividuals. Two layers of pigment bearing cells were found in the corinm. as follows: I. K faint layer, high up, near the deeply lying epidermal pigment, z. A deeper buy ivermectin layer of large spindle shaped or stellate cheap stromectol cells forming a horizontal stromectol uk band deep in the coriuni. The author cxaniinod a series of colored children under one year of age, and found the pigment spots buy stromectol online in thirty- five out of forty cases. It has rarely been seen in white children, and may be regarded as a normal human characteristic, the persistence of a functional layer of pigment such as exists in certain monkeys. 138 riri-I OF CURRENT LITIiR.VrURE. 4. Pyelitis in Infancy buy cheap stromectol and Childhood, with Remarks on the Urine.— FischLT ol>scTve(l tliix-i- grou]is of promi- nent symptoms in a series of cases stromectol price of pyelitis: i. Fever, intermittent in character, progressive emaciation, and constipation. 2. Bed wetting and pain in urination, passage of small quantities of urine at a time as if pain prevented free urination, absence of fever during the entitle disease. 3. Digestive disturbances indicated by the passage scabies stromectol of scybala and fseces mingled with shreds of membrane, anorexia, and little if any fever. The diagnosis of the disease was made by microscopical examination of the urine, A review of the author's cases shows that pyelitis suggests intermittent fever, stromectol for lice and that it is occasionally seen stromectol online in infancy in an afebrile form, also that if it were not for the enuresis no symptoms associated with the genitourinary tract would have directed attention to the kidnevs. Treat- ment consists in rest, careful hygiene and diet, benzoatc of soda, and urotropin. THE JOURNAL OF NERVOUS AND MENTAL DISEASE. July, jgo~. T. ivermectin stromectol Unilateral Paralysis Agitans Occurring After Hemi- plegia, By^JosEPH Sailer. 2. A Study of Retlexes of the Lower Extremities in Sixty Cases of Paresis, with a Special Reference to the Paradoxical Reflex, By Alfred Gordon. 3. Sensory and Motor Disturbances in Parts Above the Distribution Involved in Delinite Organic Lesions of the Spinal Cord. By T. H. Weisenburc. 4. Korsakoff's Psychosis Superimposed Upon Melancholia, By John W. Stetcns 2. A Study of Reflexes of the Lower Extremities in Sixty Cases of Paresis, with a Special Reference to the Paradoxical Reflex. — Cordon observes that the old triad of reflex phenomena, viz., exaggerated knee jerks, ankle clonus, and Babinski's sign, which we are accus- tomed to find in hemiplegia or in any other organic disease with a distinct degenerative lesion in the motor pathway, is markedly dissociated in the series of sixty cases collected by the author. While the first is pres- ent in the majority of his cases, the other two are rare. Of the two more recently described reflexes, Oppen- heim's is also stromectol for scabies rare, while the paradoxical is frequent. In view of the fact that stromectol 3 mg the pathological studies of competent observers show a constant presence of motor fibres' lesion, and that the latter is in the majority of cases pnly very slight, the rarity of Babinski's and Op- penheim's reflex, order stromectol also of ankle clonus, and the fre- quency of the paradoxical phenomenon will acquire for this reason a valuable clinical significance. 3. Sensory and Motor Disturbances. — Wei^enburg concludes from his paper on this subject that an in- jury to the spinal cord will cause at first interference with the blood supply of the whole cord. If, as a result of such an injury, there should be produced a limited lesion of the sjjinal cord, there will be interference with the blood supply of the contiguous areas. This inter- ference will be progressive, thus order stromectol online causing arterial obliteration and necrosis in the contiguous parts. This progressive degeneration will cause disturbance of function, it being manifested clinically by a gradual extension of the areas stromectol canada of disturbed sensation, and by increase in the stromectol buy tendon and skin reflexes. A lesion in any portion ai the spinal cord will cause disturbance

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