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139 synthroid price procwbings oi Societws. .MEDICAL SOCIETY OF XEW JERSEY. One Hundred and Forty-first Annual Meeting, held in Long Branch, on June 2^, 26, synthroid mg and zj, igoj. The President. Dr. Alexander M.arcy. Jr.. of River- ton, in synthroid mcg generic synthroid the Chair. The Legality of State synthroid cheap Medical Examinations purchase synthroid online and Reciprocity in Interstate Medical Licensure. — This was the title of a paper by Dr. E. L. B. < iOhfrf.y, of Cam- den, who said that the right of a State to demand tha*" graduates of medical colleges should pass a State board before being allowed to practise was based upon the police power of the State. It was one of the rights not vested by order synthroid the constitution in the Federal government or denied to the States. It could not be exercised by the synthroid tablets Federal government without an amendment to the constitution. He also made a strong plea for reci- synthroid cost procity between States having nearly similar standards of qualifications. Dr. \\'iLLi.\M Perry \\'.\tsox. of Jersey Citv. said that the existing medical law of Xew Jersey was second purchase synthroid to none in any State, with one exception. Dr. \\ atsou then gave the society his idea of a perfect law of the kind. Dr. MoRTi.MER L.\.MPSox. of Jersey City, objected to a statement contained in Dr. Godfrev's paper, tha: there were three great medical schools : and order synthroid online he denied that medical examining boards had had any influence in advancing the merits cost of synthroid or standing of the profession. Some Remarks on the Lymphatics. — Dr. E. Z. H.wvKs. of Xewark. read this paper, dealing prin- cipally with the physiology of the lymphatics and their, role in pathology and surgerv. Dr. Ch.\kles Young, of Xewark. considered the part played in the nutrition of the tissues by the synthroid levothyroxine lymphatics. and said that it seemed as if the lymphatic system had l)cen especially designed as a protective agency of the body, carrying off waste and preventing the absorption of infective material. Dr. XoRTON L. W'li.sox em])hasized the point that enlargement buy cheap synthroid of the Iym[)h glands meant bacterial in- fection. The Oration in Surgery was delivered by Dr. Albert \'.\.\i)er \'eer. where to buy synthroid of .Albany, who reviewed the progress made in surgical procedures during the last forty years. The Oration in Medicine (The Physician and the Medical Press) was iklivered by Dr. Morris M.\xges, of Xew ^'ork. Mis principal contention was that what was regarded as unfit for the body of a medical jour- nal should be considered as unfit for its advertising pages. He thought that articles regarding the newer drugs should be published for the information of phy- sicians, but that manufacturers should be forbidden to reprint these 1(ir cuiniiu-rcial pm-posc-s. The Question of Operation in Ectopic Gestation with Rupture. — Dr. J. S. I'.\er. of C'amden, read a paper (III \\ ben to Ojjeraie price of synthroid and synthroid buy online When Xot to Operate in Ruptured ICctopic (iestation Sac. He said that, synthroid online al- though it would be best to operate l)cfore rupture had taken place, this was not always possible; therefore, the (|uestion was when to operate after the rupture had been diagnosticated. He said that in mnsi eases one should operate as soon as the diagnosis was made: but that in some few cases, when there was profound shock, a little wailing would sometimes result in sav- ing life. He reporteil six cases, illnstratin,g these points. Dr. I!. !■". I'.aer. of l'hiladel])hin, opened the discus- sion, lie always operated whenever there was a tumor found in the pelvis, whether it was due to extrauterine pregnaticy fir not, It ulten very hard to make a diagnosis in extrauterine pregnancy. In regard to what should be done when the rupture had occurred and the patient was practically dead, he had not the courage to operate under such circumstances. He be- lieved that the patient would be saved more frequently if the gynecologist waited for a while. He did not endorse the operation by vaginal section in extrauter- ine pregnancv. Dr. Edward J. III. of Xewark. thought that such patients should not be taken buy synthroid to a hospital, but should be attended to on the spot, no matter where it might be. He also thought that no operation should be per- formed in cases of tubal abortion.

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