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usually accomjianicd gallstones. After its administra- tion the patient could nearly always exhibit pscudo- gallstoncs. The treatment of cholelithiasis was not merely the tetracycline 500mg capsules treatment of a local process, but tetracycline 500mg capsules for acne was the broad general tetracycline 250mg tablets managciiiciit of a man was sick. The Surgical Treatment of Oallbladdcr Disease. — This |);i|H'r liv I ir. inii.v H. Dk.wkk. of Philadel- phia. He said that disease of the gallbladder, except buy tetracycline 500mg the mild variety, was due to some form of infection. It showed itself in two forms — the calculous and the noncalculous. In both forms where to buy tetracycline there were various grades of inflammation of the gallbladder. Adhesions of the upper abdomen were sometimes so thick that the liver was tetracycline mgd never seen during the operation for stone. These adhesions were the result of delay in surgical inter- vention under the guise of medical treatment. The physician should not delay until hope was gone and the surgeon became a last resort. tetracycline hcl bp 250 mg The indications for immediate intervention were complications showing the spread of infection and symptoms of obstruction of the common duct after a reasonable interval. Other conditions demanded operation, but the generic version of tetracycline necessitj- was not so urgent. The purpose of buying tetracycline online an operation was to tetracycline mail order re- move the inflammation, to remove the stones, and to prevent recurrence. Dr. Deaver then described the technique of the oper- ation. buy tetracycline When the structures were not normal, the pro- cedure became ver\- difficult, and one should be a mas- ter of the anatomy of the upper abdomen. It was much wiser to drain outside of the abdomen than to allow the infectious bile to flow into the duodenum. The drain should be left in until it had accomplished its purpose and was ready to drop out. The speaker dep- recated the practice of what he termed meddlesome surgery, by which he had seen patients' recover^' pre- vented. He did not mind, even should the drains re- main in for six months. Dr. Deaver considered the diet, which should be restricted. The variety of organism causing the symptoms called for some discrimination in operative procedures. The symptoms of streptococcus infection were much more intense than those commonly produced by the staphy- lococcus. (To be concluded.) ♦ ■ > ITttttrs to il^t 6tritors. PARALYSIS OF UNCERTAIN ORIGIN. 902 Bro.\dway, New York, June 22, igoj. To the Editors: The following report may tetracycline 250 mg acne be of some interest on account of the obscurity of the symptoms and causes: Mrs. C, aged thirty-seven, the wife of a farmer living on a mountain farm, consulted local phy- sicians for pain in the right leg, associated with great weakness. A diagnosis of sciatica was made bv one at least. In February, 1905, the case came under my observation. The patient was generally well nourished — not especially ana>mic. The urine was negative as to albumin, sugar, and casts. It contained a large amount of indican. The right leg was nearly helpless, and the patellar reflex was absent. This reflex was present to a normal degree on the other side. Cutaneous sen- sation was normal, muscular reaction to the faradic cur- rent was absent, although the application caused much pain. .\ history of a previous fall, in which the patient had struck her back, led to a provisional diagnosis of descending traumatic neuritis. In a few weeks, 500 mg tetracycline rosacea how- ever, the appearance of paralysis in the arm of the same side showed that it must be due to some general cause. The extensor group was the one involved, and as in the case of the leg, it would not respond to faradism, although the flexor groups readilv reacted. The history showed no colic, and no line was present on the ginns. The source of water supply was a free rimning pure mountain spring, with no chance for con- taminaiinii dutside the lead pipe through which it was brought to the house. A specimen of the urine, to- gether with a concentrated specimen of the drinking water, was sent online tetracycline to Dr. E. E. Smith, of New York. He 142 BOOK NOTICES. found unmistakable evidence of lead in the urine, but could find no trace in the water. A second where can i buy tetracycline specimen of the water gave the same tetracycline hydrochloride capsules usp 500mg result in analysis. The patient had been, for three weeks, on iodide 500 mg tetracycline acne of po- tassium, the cheap tetracycline maximum being about forty grains a day^ together with strychnine doxycycline tetracycline and salts, at the time lead was found in the urine. Following the arm involvement, there was an involvement of the diaphragm, which at first caused no great inconvenience, except that the

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