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and this is best Cost Of Vytorin done b)' syringing the ear with warm, sterilized water. This should be repeated as often as may be required by the amount of discharge, once in every two hours at the beginning being a fair rule. The frequency of the washings should decrease with the amount of discharge. Antiseptics may be used in the water if desired. Powders blown into the ear canal to stop a discharge are ill advised ; they are likely to do more harm than good. Similarly Buy Vytorin it is unwise to put a plug of absorbent cotton in a dis- charging ear " to keep from taking cold," or " to jibsorb the discharge." There Generic For Vytorin 10 40 is no danger whatever of taking cold in a running ear, and so Vytorin Gel far from act- ing as an absorbent, the cotton dams the discharge iu the ear and favors the disease. Keep the canal free. A gauze wick Vytorin Generic Equivalent properly put into the canal every four hours is an excellent drainage and cleansing agent, no syringe being necessary if this is used, but it requires a skilled attendant to place it, a fact which makes it unavailable in the average case. Hydrogen peroxide is a favorite remedy with many physicians. It is, however, an Is There A Generic For Vytorin unsafe agent in sup- purating ear cases unless the drainage from the drum is free, and unless assured of this fact it should not be used. It is surprising how many persons have an idea that a running ear is a matter of little moment, or the Vytorin Cost still more mistaken belief that the discharge may be beneficial rather than otherwise, eliminating per- haps some poison from the system. Practitioners should make it a point to correct this dangerous fal- lacy whenever it is nTet, for it is the cause of much harm. As long as there is discharge from an ear there is disease present, and with it the constant dan- ger that the disease may spread to the mastoid bone or brain. Aside from the damage to the hearing, the numerous cases requiring operation for such sequelae fully prove the truth of the assertion that a running- ear should always be kept under treatment until it is safely healed and dry. The outer ear canal is the seat of several forms of trouble common in childhood. Impacted cerumen is found less Vytorin Discount Card often perhaps than in adults, but when present may Vytorin Statin cause marked symptoms in young pa- tients. It is responsible for instance, at times, for an irritating, barking, cough whose origin may be difficult to locate if this fact is forgotten. I saw some time since, in the practice of Dr. W. A. Goodall, a very interesting little patient with marked brain symptoms. A lethargy deepening almost to coma, from which she could scarcely be aroused, and which for twenty-four hours was a source of much anxiety. Yet Generic Vytorin 10 40 this cleared up completely within a few minutes after the removal of an exceedingly firm, and large, plug of impacted cerumen from each ear. Cases of reflex symptoms, such as. vomiting, facial paralysis, excessive salivary secretion, hemicrania. etc., have also been reported as due to impacted cerumen. An eczema of Merck Vytorin the skin lining the canal is common in ill nourished, strumous, children, in whom phlyctenular eye disease is likely to be present also. Furuncles occur here too. They are nearly al- ways multiple and cause the patient much pain, which is aggravated by moving the outer ear. Vytorin Cholesterol They often close the lumen of the canal and cause deaf- ness for the time being. They are easily recognized by inspection. Furuncles may be due to infection of the hair follicles in the outer part Vytorin 10 Mg of the canal l)v irritating discharge frcjni a middle ear abscess, or from scratching, to relieve the itching due to eczema, with an infected finger-nail or other agent, h'urun- cles in the canal arc frequently made tedious and painful by the use of home remedies, oils, etc. Noth- ing but free incision will cut short the painful pro- gress of these infections. Foreign bodies in the outer ear canal Vytorin Online are seen more often in children than in adults. It is well to remember that such things do no immediate harm unless of very irregular form, or of an irritating nature. Nearly always they can be safely removed by syringing with warm water. If this plan does not succeed after fair trial, it may be Is Vytorin A Statin necessary to give a general anaesthetic to permit removal, for few children will hold still while such work is being done, and Vytorin Generic Name the most skillful hand is likely to do seri- ous damage in such cases. It is always necessary, of course, to first make sure, by actual inspection, that a foreign body is present, for excited relatives are prone to be confused over such an accident. No one should ever mistake the shining, normal, Vytorin Price drum- head for such a body, and yet Generic Name For Vytorin it is worth noting that this mistake has been made with disastrous results. Insects get in the ear canal at times and cause great terror and pain, if they reach the drum mem- brane, by moving feet or wings on this sensitive part. They may be quickly killed by drops of chlor- oform if this is at hand, or floated ofif the drumhead by filling the canal with some bland oil or warm Generic For Vytorin water, after which a washing of the canal with a syringe should be done. Blood coming from the ear, in the absence of re-

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