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atomic weight specific gravitv nn-prescriptin zyban = equivalent specific gravity. valence According to Mathews, the series of figures ob- tained by taking the specific generic zyban nline gravities of equivalent portions of the elements, shows no close relation be- specifiic gravitv tween this quotient, 1. e.,— , - - " , and poi- valence sonous action; many c-xceptions occur. But the se- ries of figures in Table VIII, obtained by dividing zyban nline n prescriptin the equivalent weights of the metallic elements by their corresponding atomic volumes, brings out a hw much des zyban cst in canada more ac- curate relationship between poisonous action, atomic weight and atomic volume. Since the two fractions are numerically equal, the two series of figures are identical, and a series of figures which is rejected on p. 312, because of the many exceptions, appears on the next page under a different heading, as Table VIII, and here it shows a more accurate re- hw much des zyban cst in australia lationship between poisonous action and atomic d yu need a prescriptin fr zyban weights, etc. Since Mathews' conclusion that this relation ex- " ItnllrH our own. " MathcwB, lor. cit.. p. 812. " Mathews, lov. cit., p. 813. July 27, buy zyban nline canada 1907.] BERG: PROPERTIES OF lOXS. 157 ists is based upon these figures, it is evident that the figures as given by jMathews (on pp. 312 and 313) do not prove the relation. IX. The nature of colloidal solutions. Substances hke gelatin, egg albumin, glycogen, etc., are called colloids. When such zyban (buprpin) 150 mg substances in small amounts are dissolved in water, the colloidal solution so obtained is much more viscous than the solvent. The contents of the typical cell are partly in such a condition of colloidal solution. The typ- ical cell mass consists mainly of a colloidal solution of proteins and other nonelectrolytes in water. The observations of Zsigmondy,"" generic zyban Raehlman,^' and other investigators have shown that colloidal solutions are suspensions containing particles of various sizes, and not zyban 150 mg 60 tablet kullan true solutions in the ordinary sense of the word.^^ A colloidal solution of glyco- gen contains zyban sr 150 mg tablet very small particles of glycogen in sus- pension — none of it is dissolved. The suspended par- ticles in colloidal solutions (or suspensions) are very small ; they vary in diameter between 5 mikro- mikra and i mikron."^ Though sometimes much heavier than water, these particles remain in sus- pension indefinitely. The permanent suspensibility of colloidal particles is due to their association with an electric charge. The charges on the particles cause the particles to zyban nline australia repel one another, thus pre- venting or retarding sedimentation. " The most direct evidence of this electrification is furnished by the migration of the colloidal particles through the liquid (water) buy zyban nline uk under the buy cheap zyban nline influence of an applied electromotive force — a phenomenon that was first ex- tensively generic zyban cst studied by Picton and Linder in 1897." ^* Colloidal solutions may be conveniently divided rder zyban n prescriptin into two classes. " As types of these I would draw your attention to aqueous solutions of gelatin and of colloidal arsenious sulphide. The former class possesses a much greater viscosity than that of water, the latter does not appre- ciably differ from it in this respect. The former gela- tinizes upon cooling or upon evaporation, and passes again into solution ujjon heating or addition of the solvent ; the latter does not gelatinize upon cooling, and if gelatinized by other means, it does not redissolve upon heating. The former is not coag^ilated by the ad- dition of salts zyban generic buprpin (unless in excessive amount), the latter immediately gives an zyban 150 mg bula abundant precipitate. We have therefore to distinguish the viscous, gelatinizing, col- loidal mixtures, not coagulated by salts, from the non- viscous, nongelatinizing, but readily coagulable mix- tures. hw much des zyban cst in ntari The former class I shall designate colloidal solu- tions, the latter colloidal suspensions." '•^

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